FFXIV prepares measures to combat overcrowding of endwalker servers

A crowd of FINAL FANTASY XIV characters from Square Enix screenshots.

Everyone in your previous login queue.
screenshot: square Enix

The world’s most popular MMORPG will begin its next major expansion at the end of this week. in short, FINAL FANTASY XIVServer is about to be hit.Square Enix was unable to add a new server due to an ongoing global shortage of semiconductors End walkerWith the launch of, developers are taking steps to reduce congestion between existing servers and prevent players from waiting too long to come online.

Early access FFXIV‘NS End walker Expansion will begin at 4 am Eastern Standard Time on Friday, December 4th. At that time, millions of players who pre-ordered the expansion Popular explosion FFXIV Enjoyed during the summer.. Game developers Community letter posted late last night.. Today’s servers are optimized in anticipation of a flood of new and repeaters, but due to the lack of hardware available, Square Enix cannot open a new world to deal with overflows.

What the company has done is replace existing servers with higher performance machines, increase processor speeds, and increase the number of concurrent logins available between servers. While these measures should help more players come online at once, be prepared for server disruptions as they can cause unexpected problems with your new server hardware.

There is a login queue. To help fight these, Square Enix prioritizes full game owners over owners participating in ongoing free trials. FINAL FANTASY XIVSo if you’re still testing your body of water, it’s a good time to decide whether to dive. This post suggests that players in a particularly crowded world use the “Visit Another World Server” subcommand on the character selection screen. This allows you to play and proceed until things are boiled down on a less crowded server.

A popular new extension area will be instantiated. This means that multiple copies of the same area will be generated, ensuring smooth operation and reducing lag. The player will be launched from the server after 30 minutes of inactivity. If you try to stay logged in by running automatically on the wall or using a timed macro, you’re jerky and no one invites you to the dungeon raid party.

No matter how much Square Enix prepares, the status of the server will be End walker I’m going to smoke. My recommendation is to patiently find other things while waiting for the queue, such as going to Twitter and posting a photo of the size of the queue, and others will tell you the size of your queue. To be able to tell me. It’s all sorts of fun. Hopefully we’ll see you in Hyderin.

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