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The 2020 season of the FIA ​​Certified Gran Turismo Championship has created many spectacular battles and fierce competition with top drivers around the world through 30 online races in four months.

As the season approaches the end, only the Regional and World Finals remain to determine the champions of the 2020 FIA GT Championship Series.

So what can we expect for the rest of the season?

Nations Cup Regional Final

This result will determine which competitor will advance to the World Finals. Contests will be held online in three major regions: Europe / Middle East / Africa, Americas and Asia / Oceania.

FIAGTC World Final

World Tour Sydney winners, online series from April to August, and top drivers in the regional finals fighting for the global title of this year’s Nations Cup and Maker Series Champions to determine the best Global battle. These races are also held online.

Will the one-make race series be back again this year?

GR Supra GT Cup 2020

The popular and competitive one-make race series is back at this year’s World Finals. Spec races all use the same vehicle to create the best competition for the best drivers. Get ready to witness a door-to-door race competition!

Where can I see the action?

Broadcast schedule


  • Sunday, November 22 // 1500 GMT / 0000 JST / 0700 PST


  • Sunday, November 29th // 1700 GMT / 0200 JST + 1/0900 PST


  • Sunday, December 6th // 1300 GMT / 2200 JST / 05:00 PST

Online World Final

All race events will be premiered on PlayStation and Gran Turismo’s official YouTube channel as original shows with full commentary.

All other information about the current season and how to watch the stream can be found here.

FIA Certified Gran Turismo Championships 2020 Regional Finals begin November 22

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