FIFA 14 Retrospective-The Best Console Launch Sports Game

Like many of you, I spent most of the pandemic watching Netflix, catching up with the backlog of video games, and organizing my home. It was one of these organizational sessions that I came across with an old disc. FIFA 14 For Xbox One. As soon as I saw the disc, I was immediately put back in memory lane.I was sitting there and indulging in fantasy FIFA 14I couldn’t help but remember the excitement surrounding the launch of the Xbox One and PS4. This is a similar experience that many of us are now experiencing with the launch of the PS5 / Xbox Series X.When I noticed, or perhaps when one of my kids started screaming my name, I started thinking about what happened FIFA 14 The Xbox One / PS4 has such a great foot title.This is my “best console launch sports game” series today FIFA 14 Looking back.

Why FIFA 14 is so great


First and foremost, the graphics leap from the Xbox 360 / PS3 to the Xbox One / PS4 was huge. As you can see from the screen above, the main visual differences were improved clarity and a more sophisticated color palette. The player’s model looked pretty much the same, but the crowd’s visuals received some love for 3D rendering. Between when in motion and between the cutscenes, it’s the place I was most impressed with. With the introduction of “True Motion” by EA, player movements have become more fluid.

EA throws us marketing phrases every year, but the next generation moves FIFA 14 Much improved, in my opinion FIFA 21.. The player had a better sense of weight as the EA has not yet fully sacrificed inertia and physics for responsiveness. Since the frame rate has improved since the days of Xbox 360 / PS3, the cutscenes have naturally improved. Also, the introduction of the Ignite Engine, which wasn’t available in previous generations of consoles, was very helpful for animations, especially those that required physics when players collided.

FIFA then abandons the Ignite engine FIFA 16 In support of Frostbite, the improvements made by Ignite were groundbreaking for FIFA. As power increased, EA took advantage of shorter load times and the first challenge to eliminate cutscenes from throw-ins and replacements.


The Ignite engine not only improved visual capabilities, but also brought better AI. Gameplay on next-generation consoles has been significantly improved with the ability to “process four times as many calculations per second”. To get started, the physics engine helped create better contact animations and created some of the best ball physics in the series.

Custom Team Tactics (CTT), which was mostly broken on the PS3 / Xbox 360, actually worked, leading to more diverse gameplay as the best team tactics for the OS in almost every club in major European leagues. .. “Elite Techniques” introduced features such as “Challenge aerial combat with multiple players” and helped show off the added animations along with a number of new shooting animations.

We’ve talked about “4X Calc” briefly earlier, but it’s actually added to the game, including improved off-the-ball runs and added defensive intelligence. Finally, when it comes to gameplay, “Precision Movement” really helped eliminate player slides.Looking back on some of my old ones FIFA 14 In the video, you can see the difference in player movements.


Last but not least, it’s definitely important. FIFA 14 The next generation was fun. The excitement of the new console can never be exaggerated, but between enhanced visuals and better AI, the game had that fun element. The balance between fun and realism was almost perfect, the Ultimate Team was just starting to explode, and it felt like EA Canada was serious about making a great football title. It can be argued that FIFA is getting worse gradually from 2014/15 to the present, but that is undeniable. FIFA 14 It was really the next generation title.

According to EA, the news about FIFA 21 on the PS5 / Xbox Series X will come on November 24th, so you have to put up with it a bit, but hope it brings as much fun as we do. FIFA 14!!

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