FIFA 21 has announced that Mahomes, Janice, Embiid, Lewis Hamilton and others will join the ever-growing list of VOLTA game breakers.

FIFA 21 has announced that FIFA 21’s VOLTAFOOTBALL mode will add another round of athletes and stars to its ever-growing list of groundbreakers.

See what you’re saying about the second batch of Groundbreakers being included in FIFA 21.

Dua Lipa

“It’s great to be included in this year’s FIFA 21 soundtrack along with many other great artists. My brother is a big fan of FIFA, so it’s crazy to appear as a playable character on top of that. Hope to get me on the VOLTA team. Games that include the female music artist’s avatar for the first time are especially cool, and I can’t wait for women to show men what we have. not!


Joel Embiid

“I’m the best footballer and fan of the NBA, so all I can say I’m actually in FIFA is to prove it. Soccer has so many loyal supporters around the world. I’m excited to be able to participate in seeing the various elements of the major sports leagues come together. “


Lewis Hamilton

“I loved playing EASPORTS FIFA as a way to relax. It’s great to join this year’s game with some of the other names in various sports.”

For more information on FIFA 21’s VOLTA FOOTBALL, including VOLTA SQUADS, Groundbreakers, new ways to play, and customization, please visit our official website.

The next generation version of FIFA 21 will be released on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S on December 4th. Next-generation versions of the game include extremely fast load times, delayed lighting and rendering, enhanced animation technology, and off-ball humanization. FIFA 21 on PlayStation 5 also features new tactile technology via a new DualSense controller.

EA announced on November 24th that it will share the details of the next generation of FIFA 21.

Players who have purchased or have already purchased FIFA 21 for Xbox One and / or PlayStation 4 from now until the launch of FIFA 22 will receive the Xbox Series X | S and / or PlayStation 5 version of the purchased game. Free when the game is released in December. Players can take over progress and content with Ultimate Team and FIFA 21’s VOLTAFOOT BALL. Notably, physical disk buyers should contact the EA at to get a diskless console upgrade code.

EA SPORTS recently confirmed a multi-year embassy contract with football icon David Beckham. This is a transcendental player, with the Premier League, Liga, MLS and League 1 among other great achievements in his career on and off the pitch.

To celebrate their return to the game, anyone playing FIFA 21 by January 15, 2021 will receive a unique and non-tradeable David Beckham item in the FIFA Ultimate Team, and from December 15, 2020, VOLTA “Groundbreaker” Receive him as. In recognition of his achievements both on and off the football pitch, Beckham will be added to the game as an icon of the FIFA Ultimate Team from December.

The FIFA 21 Standard Edition will also be temporarily updated on the PlayStation and XBOX storefronts to cover the digital-only Beckham Edition throughout the holidays. All three levels of David Beckham’s iconic items will also be added to the FIFA Ultimate Team and will be packed throughout December 2020.

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