FIFA 21 Next Generation Preview-First Public Breakdown

If you’re one of the lucky ones to secure a next-generation console, you’ve been patiently waiting to hear the news about what the next-generation sports game will look like. It has always been difficult for the EA to measure, as NBA 2K sets the standard and draws some good reviews from OS compatriots. Information about the Madden was released late last week, but I had to wait until November 24th to take a peek at what was waiting. FIFA 21.. There was a moment when I realized that EA was planning for the next generation FIFA 21It’s time to see if it’s worth the wait FIFA 21 Next generation preview.

DualSense controller haptics

One of the best features PS5 has to offer is centered around the new DualSense controller. The tactile feedback of the PS5 controller harnesses the power of the console to “react to what happens on the pitch.”This sounds like typical EA marketing, but the evidence is in the pudding as shown by Astro playroom And NBA 2K21.. Providing resistance when the player is tired, the controller’s unique vibrations should provide a new way to “feel” action on the pitch.

The momentary feedback that should come from a crunch tackle seems easy, but the execution of fatigue is interesting. Different parts of the community have different ideas about fatigue and its impact on gameplay. The Sim crowd welcomes this change, but I’m not sure how the esports and FUT crowds will react. My guts say they won’t be very happy, but if it’s dealt with properly and applied consistently, the competition can be equal. This is what the community wants.

Finally, an “activity card” has been added as a way to jump directly from the main menu to the action (mode). If we’re honest here (supplement, we’re always), this does little to my excitement, as load times are already very fast in the next generation, and Being able to jump to career mode now is already easy considering you Recently accessed modes / saves will be displayed on the home screen. These load time reductions will probably kill the pre-match arena skill games that I honestly enjoy, but in the end it’s still a net plus.


Enhanced visuals are the most logical improvement you’ll expect when migrating to a new generation of consoles. In particular, stadiums and spectators are set to get the attention they need. Lighting and upgrades to player models with “Strand-based Hair Technology” are being sold to showcase the power of the next generation in a more realistic way. Who knows, maybe we can count all the strands of Wayne Rooney’s hair!

When it comes to visuals, I don’t expect to make a big leap when playing with the default camera. So far, the player’s action has zoomed out, but not so much, so you can get the entire stadium. There is no opportunity to actually capture the stadium, and the stadium is unique. It’s interesting to see how well the fan model is currently holding up, as the increase in crowd visuals is what I expect to be the biggest difference from the previous generation.

FIFA 21 next generation preview

Next level atmosphere

It’s been nearly a year without fans in the stadium, so it’s easy to forget how noisy a soccer match can be.on the other hand FIFA 21 The next-generation product, released in the best atmosphere the series has ever enjoyed, promises to take it to the next level. The prematches of more movies are great, but most of us feel that we’ll skip the cutscenes of fans walking through the turnstiles.

Even more eye-catching is reading about the crowd’s reaction to field events. For me, it’s one of the biggest abbreviations for sports games. Most games have the necessary trophy presentations, but what doesn’t create the same emotions as in real life is the feeling of winning the winner at the last minute.If FIFA 21 You can give me a similar feeling with the PS5 / Xbox Series X, we will be a real treat.

Next level simulation

With FIFA 21 on PS5, you can also create the most natural movements and movements ever.

This is music to my ears, but I’m not holding my breath. Over the years, I’ve been very critical of how FIFA works. Yes, it’s very sensitive, but it comes with cost, or physics. True foot planting has long been my wish not only in FIFA, but also in Madden and NBA 2K. While the NBA 2K and Madden have advanced to the next generation to achieve this (at least Madden claims), FIFA feels like it’s going in the opposite direction.

Therefore, “It enhances the visual quality and responsiveness of linked animations on the ball, and the combination of over 700 new animations enables more agility and control of the ball than ever before.Please give me a cause of concern. I love adding new animations to their database, but FIFA is already struggling to pick the right animation for now. So sometimes it looks very awkward. The “off-the-ball humanization” advertised for yesterday’s press release is a nice addition to the “little things”, but it doesn’t really change the way the game is played.

Dual entitlement

One of the great things game companies have done with this console release is to offer free upgrades to those of us who have already purchased these games on PS4 / Xbox One. There’s not much to say about this, but if you’re curious about how it works, check out the EA website here for how the program works.

New camera angle

The EA just casually threw this nugget, but changing the default camera reflects what Konami did with PES. Official screenshots haven’t been released yet, but some FIFA game changers are leaking photos of this new camera.

Inspired by the look and feel of top-level football broadcasts, the new gameplay camera provides a fresh perspective in every match. See pitch details to plan build-up play, block overtaking lanes, and watch home and away fans react to the game in real time.

If you read the press clippings and look at the screenshots posted above, the camera seems to provide a more broadcast feel. Some people may find it difficult to play with these zoom-in angles, but increasing the options is not a bad thing.


If already purchased FIFA 21, Upgrade to PS5 / Xbox Series X version is not a problem either.All the changes here are welcome additions, but by comparison I have to be overwhelmed NBA 2K21 And important changes that the development team made to the AI ​​and foot planting mechanism.

Without seeing the actual gameplay footage, we need to judge this next-generation product based on the flashy trailers and marketing marketing that have so far disappointed us (cough, cough). Madden 25). I didn’t expect a big change, but I would expect a little more with how tight EA keeps this on the hips and how late the actual next generation release is (December 4th). Still, I’m excited to see if small changes in gameplay are reflected in the next generation. FIFA 21..

What is your level of excitement for FIFA 21 on PS5 / Xbox Series X?

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