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The grind of the FIFA 21 Ultimate Team is real. In other words, if you don’t spend cash on the loot box, that’s right. So, to speed things up a bit, players have come together to create their own, unspoken golden goal rules.

This informal rule was triggered by the release of the first batch of Icon Swap rewards. These tokens will eventually be “exchanged” for powerful icon cards such as Thierry Henry with a 90 rating, Frank Rijkaard with a 90 rating, and Prime Ronald Koeman with a 91 rating. I will.

To get these tokens, you need to reach your goal and the first eight of these are currently live. Five complete with LiveFUT Friendlies playlists and three complete with Squad Battles (Ultimate Team vs AI).

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This is where grind comes in. You need a stunning 45 wins to get all the tokens currently available. It’s a 15-hour play-of course, you have to do nothing but win.

There are many games to play for the purpose of icon swap.

In response, the FIFA community has devised a golden goal rule. The idea is simple. If your opponent scores the first goal of the game, you will immediately make a concession. If you score first, your opponent will do the same. If you are 1 zero and your opponent approves, you register for victory. And since this is just friendly, there is no penalty for concessions and your record is intact.

When I first saw the words of this Golden Goal Rule, I was skeptical about its adoption, but I spent hours playing Live FUT Friendlies and it seems to be quite widespread. During most of the games I played, I didn’t admit my opponents. I admitted when I was late. Hopefully my opponent knows why!

Here, after I scored, my opponent paused the game.

This rule has already caused a lot of controversy among FIFA players. It has created yet another way to become toxic in FIFA’s competitive play. Some people pause the game and celebrate the goal to annoy their opponents. Etiquette seems to be skipping celebrations and letting your opponent pause the game as soon as possible.

FIFA 21 brings victory to the player who wins the match.

Redditor andrewrov has listed some rules for playing in friendly matches to avoid toxicity and keep the mode as enjoyable as possible. The top of the list is to continue the match as usual if your opponent does not stop after you score a goal. After all, they may not know about the movement of the community.

“I like golden goals, but when people celebrate or pause after scoring, I won’t stop,” said redditor Ikorose87.

“There were few games I was about to leave, but my opponents started celebrating and pausing. I played the whole game. It’s about respecting each other. Don’t be a dislike. Don’t expect everyone to quit after the first goal. Some of us are playing for fun. People are too stressed about the game. Just remember, this is It’s just a game! “

We still don’t know what the EA will make from all of this. I think it’s exactly what the developers intended for Icon Swaps purposes. But I want them to leave this alone-it’s rare to see FIFA players get together in some community-led sense for the Ultimate Team without landing on the toxic sultry mountains. So far, the rules for this golden goal are very good.


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