FIFA 21 PS5 adds the correct trigger resistance to DualSense when sprinting with tired players •

FIFA 21 on PlayStation 5 uses the adaptive triggers on the DualSense controller to simulate player fatigue.

This means that if you try to sprint with a tired player, you will feel resistance from the correct trigger.

At a preview event attended by Eurogamer, FIFA producer Sam Rivera said the new feature will allow users to know how tired they are from feeling lonely. The more tired the player, the greater the resistance of RT.

The PS5 version, on the other hand, uses DualSense tactile feedback. For example, when a player takes a shot with his right foot, he feels a vibration on the right side of the controller. The same applies to contact with blocks or balls. A player’s collision also produces vibrations based on the strength of the collision.

“This feature gives us a feel for the rhythm of the game,” says Rivera.

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Of course, some FIFA players may want to turn off these DualSense features, especially for competitive multiplayer. You can do so with the PS5 settings.

There are many features added to FIFA 21 for the next generation release set on December 4th. All the new features of FIFA 21 on PS5 and Xbox Series X and S are here.

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