FIFA 21 PS5, Xbox Series X Improvements, Gameplay Features Details

Fans of FIFA series loading screen training games have bad news. PlayStation 5 load times are almost obsolete.

Of course, games on the latest generation consoles, especially the PlayStation 5, do more than that, but for over a decade, EA Sports soccer sims have the best time-killing modes in sports games. EA’s Gabe Zaro wrote on the PlayStation Blog, but it takes less than two seconds to get into a kick-off (play now) match from the pre-game menu.

Even in Zaro’s blog post on Tuesday FIFA 21Gameplay is done on new hardware. “Responsive multi-touch animations take player movements to the next level of realism,” said Zaro, with more than 700 new animation combinations that give players “more agility and ball control than ever before.” He added that it would be possible.

Visual fidelity is enhanced by delayed lighting, detailed by Madden NFL Executive Producer last week, giving the game’s largest stadium more realistic detail. It is complemented by new presentation elements that emphasize the feel of the match day of an important televised soccer match. Fans will get pre-match movies and big goal moments in the midst of broadcast enhancements.

For PlayStation 5 DualSense controller FIFA 21 It provides an extension unique to the tactile function of the gamepad. Tired players increase the resistance of DualSense triggers ( NBA 2K21), And the sides of the controller will sound more clearly, depending on which foot is taking the shot. The PS5 player can also save time and jump to your favorite mode, thanks to the activity card feature that places shortcuts on the console interface.

FIFA 21 It will be available on December 4th for PlayStation 5 and Xbox One. Its enhancements are only for these platforms.Purchased or purchased player FIFA 21 On PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you can get a free upgrade to the next console version at any time between the release dates. FIFA 22, Usually in September.

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