FIFA 21: PS5 / Xbox Series X version is now available as an update

With FIFA 21, released for PS4 and Xbox One earlier this year, players with these versions are said to be able to upgrade to next-generation versions within the same console family. Updates are now available prior to the originally promised release date of December 4th. In other words, you can experience next-generation FIFA faster than you expected.

As Press Start points out, we’ve noticed that multiple players can now download PS5 and Xbox Series X / S versions of the game. This version of the game isn’t available for purchase yet, but free upgrades are available to allow players to test how the game looks and runs when they are fully using the new system.

If you want to buy the next generation version of the game, it costs $ 70. It’s cheaper to buy the previous generation version and then get the free update. The PS4 / Xbox One version of FIFA 21 was enough to win 8/10 in GameSpot reviews.

A similar update will be made on Madden NFL 21. This update also has a release date of December 4th, but it seems to be on hold as the update hasn’t been released yet.

With this new version of the game at hand, expect to start impressing with the early-adopted FIFA fan base.

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