FIFA 21 released next-generation upgrades one day early and is now available

EA FIFA 21 On Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the next generation of football sims will be available for download today, one day before the official release scheduled for tomorrow.

Players who already own the game should be able to download the Xbox Series X | S version or PlayStation 5 version from their console store. If you have a disk-based version and a diskless console, you can also find upgrades. Follow the FAQ to contact EA Support for a copy of the game with proof of purchase.

As previously revealed, the next generation version FIFA 21 Includes enhanced visuals and fast load times, as well as tactile feedback via the PS5’s DualSense controller, enhanced player interaction system, new gameplay camera, new multi-touch animation, new pre-game cinematics and more. I will.

If not picked up FIFA 21 Still, the next generation version of the game will be available on the Xbox Series S | X and PlayStation 5 starting December 4th tomorrow.

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