FIFA 21 Title Update # 6 Available on PC, Soon Available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4-Patch Notes

FIFA 21 Title Update # 6 is here for PC users. Normally, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users will see the same patch after about a week, but we’ll let you know when the patch arrives.

The latest patch addresses some issues with gameplay, FUT, Career Mode, VOLTA FOOTBALL, FIFA Online, Pro Clubs, as well as audio and visual updates.

Check out the patch notes below.


We have made the following changes:

  • Reduced the distance reached when AI teammates try to block the ball.
    • This change applies only in situations where the ball carrier hits a shot.
  • Improved intercept logic when the defending player is directly on the ball’s pass.
    • This change applies only in situations where the ball carrier is passing the ball.
  • Decreased exit speed after successful stepover during operation.
  • After the ball is deflected by the goalkeeper’s hand, the distance the ball can move has increased.

Addressed the following issues:

  • In some cases, when performing a block animation, you may stretch your legs higher than the defender intended.
  • From time to time, shoulder challenges and seals can lead to unexpected player movements for the defending player.
  • Manual player switching using the mouse did not work when using keyboard and mouse controls.

FIFA Ultimate Team

Addressed the following issues:

  • [目標]Of the screen[コミュニティ]After claiming the reward from the tab, the player[コミュニティ]Not tabs[シーズンの進行状況]I moved to the tab.
  • On the squad screen[クラブ]On the tab[Take Me There]When the widget is displayed on the screen[リストビューの切り替え]The action did not work.
  • The FUT Champions logo displayed during the replay transition could be smaller with each replay.
  • If equipped, Icelandic anthem items did not play in the pre-match scene.
  • In rare cases, the Take Me There widget may continue to appear on the screen.
  • After scoring a goal in a single player draft, the goal scorer player item did not appear on the pitch during the next kickoff.
  • The Action Run Player Celebration Item was incorrectly listed as TRex.
  • Addressed a potential stability issue when entering the FUT store.

Career mode

Addressed the following issues:

  • In the negotiation scene, both teams displayed the same manager and the wrong manager.
  • Incorrect data could be displayed in the table analysis scoreboard UI elements during a match.
  • In the negotiation scene, player agents sometimes wore the wrong club badge.
  • Player Career did not track VirtualPro’s MatchesPlayed stats correctly when the match was partially simulated, replacing VirtualPro from the match before the simulation took place.


Addressed the following issues:

  • In some cases, if you play Pro Club before attempting a matchmaking in VOLTA FOOTBALL, you will receive the error message “Unable to set up match”.
  • The drop-in VOLTASQUADS lobby did not disband properly after falling below the minimum number of players.
  • In some cases, the post-match event progress screen incorrectly displayed that the same team had two captains instead of one.
  • Accepting invitations to FIFA Online Friendlies matches at VOLTA FOOTBALL can, in rare cases, cause stability issues.
  • Stability issues may occur during a VOLTA SQUADS Placement match.

FIFA online

We have made the following changes:

  • In the online and co-op seasons, the FIFA attribute now uses the default settings that were previously only available in kickoff matches. That is, in-game attributes change based on each player’s position.
    • Attackers (forwards and winger)
      • Acceleration +6, Sprint Speed ​​+4
      • Positioning +10, Finish +8, Shot Power +4, Long Shot +6, Volley +4
      • Agility +4, Balance +2, Reaction +4, Dribble +4, Calm +4
    • Midfielder (Central, Attack, Wide)
      • Acceleration +6, Sprint Speed ​​+4, Positioning +8
      • Vision +10, Crossing +2, Short Pass +8, Long Pass +6
      • Agility +4, Reaction +4, Dribble +4, Calm +4
    • Defender and Defensive Midfielder
      • Acceleration +6, Sprint Speed ​​+4, Aggression +2
      • Vision +2, Short Pass +4, Long Pass +2, Reaction +4, Calm +4
      • Intercept +8, Defensive Awareness +10, Stand Tackle +8, Slide Tackle +4
    • Goalkeeper
      • Diving +6, Handling +4, GK Kick +4, Reflexes +6, GK Positioning +4, Reaction +6
  • In the Online Friendly Match lobby, players can now choose to enable the default FIFA attributes.

Pro club

Addressed the following issues:

  • Switching game plans as captain of a drop-in match can lead to accidental changes in the position of other players.

General, visual, and audio

We have made the following changes:

  • Updated portraits, kits, badges and stadiums for some 2D players.
  • Updated one Manager Starhead.
    • It will only be available after the server is released. Follow the EA SPORTS FIFA Tracker for the latest information on when it will be released in-game.

Addressed the following issues:

  • In rare circumstances, the stadium announcer was disconnected by the commentary team.

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