FIFA 21 Update 1.09 Adds new data center to Miami and activates FIFA Playtime tools

EA today pushed a new update for FIFA 21. This is good news for North American players as EA has added a new data center to its roster in Miami, Florida. This should mean a better online experience for North American football fans.

The new update also introduces the FIFA Playtime tool, which gives players an idea of ​​how much time they spend kicking digital pigskins. You need to opt in to this feature. This can be done in-game or through the official FIFA 21 companion app on your mobile phone or tablet.

In terms of gameplay, the changes are minimal, and this patch note states that only the captain achieved the goal in FIFA 21’s Volta Football mode. This has been fixed, but you know the score – probably something else is broken during the process …

The update is currently available on PS4 and will be available on PS5 later this week. In the meantime, you can read the entire patch notes below.

FIFA 21 Update 1.09 PS4 Patch Note

Online gameplay responsiveness

  • Connection monitoring is now available for all players.
    1. Settings for changing functionality can be found in the visual settings of the game settings menu.
    2. Check out this article for more information.

– We’ve added a new FIFA game data center in Miami, Florida.

For more information on Miami’s connectivity monitoring and FIFA game datacenters, see our latest Pitch Note article.


  • We have activated a FIFA Playtime Tool designed to give players a better understanding and control of how they interact with FIFA.
    1. FIFA Playtime requires an opt-in.This is the FIFA main menu[カスタマイズ]On the tab[Playtime]Access the tiles or of the FUT 21 Web App / FIFA 21 Companion App[設定]You can do it from the menu.

For more information on FIFA Playtime, see the latest article in this EA Help.

Addressed the following issues:


  • When playing VOLTA Squads with player-controlled teammates, only the captain was making progress on his goals.

Source: EA

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FIFA 21 Update 1.09 Adds a New Data Centre in Miami, Activates FIFA Playtime Tool

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