FIFA 22 Ultimate Team allows you to see inside the loot box from launch

EA details how the FIFA Ultimate Team is changing FIFA 22 When it was released on September 26th. The main new feature is the adoption of the preview pack. The preview pack allows you to see the contents of one of Ultimate Team’s lucrative loot boxes before deciding whether to buy.

The preview pack was recently introduced in FIFA 21 Posting to the FIFA 22 site From this release, it will be added “in response to the popularity of fans”.

In fact, the FIFA Ultimate Team is at the heart of some government efforts to crack down on children’s gambling in online games. 2018, 16 gambling regulators united to issue warnings About loot boxes and digital football cards. EA also had to stop selling Ultimate Team cards in Belgium in 2019 after the Belgian Gambling Commission We have determined that the loot boxes in some games constitute illegal gambling..

The preview pack allows you to look inside the previously opaque card pack before deciding whether to buy it with FIFA points (requires real money) or FUT coins (earned in play). It works. If a player decides not to buy a pack, the update timer will start until the player can look inside another pack of the same type. According to EA, both Premium Gold Pack and Premium Silver Pack will be available for preview with a 24-hour update timer.

Last year, some players filed a lawsuit against EA, claiming that FIFA used “dynamic difficulty adjustments” to reduce team performance and promote loot box sales in Ultimate Team games. Did.The proceedings were after that Back in march After the plaintiff is allowed to talk to an EA engineer.

The PC version of FIFA 22 Based on the last generation console version When it goes on sale next week.

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