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  • Mohamed Abouzeid is a member of FIFA fan movement
  • He recently participated in the FIFA Club World Cup Qatar 2020 ™ match
  • Here is a direct description of his experience

16 years ago, in December 2005, Al Ahli SC participated in the FIFA Club World Cup ™ for the first time in history.

At the time, I was in college, so I traveled to Africa from the stands to support the team and never missed an Al Ahli match. However, due to the tournament held in Japan, I couldn’t travel and stay with the team.

On that day, a new wish was born in me and all “Arawi”. The wish was to take Al Ahli to the Club World Cup. As our chant goes: “No matter where you go, we will obey you.”

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Sixteen years later, this wish came true and I participated in Al Ahli’s first match at the FIFA Club World Cup Qatar 2020 ™. My team is playing at the highest level in club competitions around the world, which I am very proud of. The presence of my team among the world’s continental champions is a historic event.

Moment Hussein Elshahat scored Al Ahli’s winning goal This is one of the most memorable moments I have experienced when following Al Ahli in the last 30 years. It’s a moment I want to cherish forever. For me and as a supporter, the joy of seeing a team score a goal at the World Cup is quite different. There is no more glory. What provides a different taste to this year’s FIFA Club World Cup experience is the fact that it will take place at a stadium set to host the FIFA World Cup ™ just 22 months from now.

Despite the difficult situation COVID19 Pandemic And the restrictions on the social distance between the fans and the atmosphere of the tournament were very good and provided the club fans with eternal memories.

When I was a kid, my family always took me to the stadium to watch Al Ahli games. From there, my passion for football and, of course, my love for Al Ahli began. Now I finally have the opportunity to give my son the same experience that my family gave me when I was a kid.

February 4th was the first Al Ahli match for my son Selim. He is also a favorite team. He sat with Al Ahli’s supporters and was very happy and excited. The next morning I found Selim sitting alone in his room singing the famous chant “Let’s go early”. This was the music I could hear!

I think he’s a very lucky kid because his first Al Ahli match was a victory at the FIFA Club World Cup. There is no better start to his Al Ahli journey.

Mohammed Abzaid, a member of the FIFA fan movement

Selim wasn’t the only one to experience this moment. Many families participated in the stadium. In front of me, I witnessed my love for Al Ahli being taught and passed down from generation to generation.

Al Ahli may have lost in the semi-finals against Bayern Munich, but the players are confident that they have benefited from testing themselves. To see where they stand compared to European football. There was also a lesson for my son and other boys and girls: soccer involves winning and losing.

At the final whistle, we salute the players and thank them for their efforts towards the strongest club team in the world. More effort will be required in the bronze medal in the bronze medal in 2006 to add more bronze medals.

I hope one day the stand will be full of fans again. Meet Al Ahli in the final and they will win. Even as an adult, I will never stop dreaming!

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FIFA Club World Cup 2020-News-Al Ahli’s superfan dreams come true FIFA Club World Cup 2020-News-Al Ahli’s superfan dreams come true

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