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  • Palmeiras face Santos in the Copa Libertadores final on Saturday
  • Gabriel Menino confronts Weverton and Alphonso Davies
  • Acclaimed for his 20-year-old call to Brazil and his encounter with Neymar

The teenager was reluctantly dragged out of the PlayStation, delighted to perform dragback sombrero and rainbow flicks like Neymar, and quickly looked in the mirror and headed to TV. He sat down and watched Flamengo face the river plate in the Copa Libertadores 2019 final and dreamed of three things: Winning the Youth State Championship final the next day, someday making a professional debut at the club, and winning the fast-growing mustache you just checked. Out van on.

Palmeiras conquered the Paulista U-20 Crown. The young man made his professional debut two months later. And today, that Tachi is the way Morungaba natives want it. But Gabriel Menino then did more than he could imagine in a small window.

A megastar of Paris Saint-Germain where he did the party pieces? Neymar is currently the teammate of the Brazilian national team Palmeiras No25. The prestigious final he was watching in the box? He is now definitely a headline act that will enter the next edition of the fixture. He caught up with Gabriel Menino and discussed his meteorite rise, Libertadores’ final against Santos, Alphonso Davies, his call to Brazil, and his encounter with the boyhood hero Neymar. A year ago, you didn’t even make your professional debut. Can you believe that all this happened to you?

Gabriel Menino: I feel like I’m in a dream. (Laughs) Everything happened so quickly. My professional debut, first title, my first goal, Seleson, That night in Argentina, [Libertadores] Final – Every step felt like a dream. It seems that I was a supporter yesterday. It’s hard to believe, but at the same time, he said he wanted to not only be another player from day one, but also make a name for himself in the history of the club.When i’m in the club [headquarters] Looking at the legendary photos that made history at the club, I would like to see my own photos there. How good is it to be an eternal idol in one of the largest clubs in the world?

What do you think of the Palmeiras season?

I think it’s great, but I want to make it historical. He won the Campeonato Paulista and reached the Copa do Brasil final. The best team on the group stage, we have reached the Libertadores final. Well, the last match wasn’t our best performance. It may have been a bit lacking in concentration and calm, but it’s definitely worth being here during the course of the campaign. Now it’s time to turn it into one of the best campaigns in the club’s history.

How important was Weverton?

He was great. He makes huge savings at the crucial moment.He is the best goalkeeper in Brazil and one of the best there [in the world].. And he’s as good as a goalkeeper. I am very grateful to have him as a teammate. [outfield] A confident player who knows he is heading towards our goal.

Who would be if I could take one player out of the Santos team?

I think it’s Lucas Veríssimo. Santos has a lot of very good attacking players, but he is a great defender.

How confident is Palmeiras in the Club World Cup?

I am very confident. We take Santos very seriously, they have a very strong team. Libertadores is a great tournament, full of passion and emotion. I think the final will be a wonderful sight not only for Brazil but also for the world. Two great aspects, both scoring goals, derby. But every time I think about it, I envision Palmeiras as a champion. We have great players who work for each other, great teams, great teams, and coaches who make the most of us. We have so many hearts and great beliefs. Palmeiras supporters are enthusiastic and incredibly passionate. ’99, it was too long-I wasn’t even born. We are determined to win the Libertadores trophy for them. I’m sure I’ll be the champion.

What do you think is your best position?

At start XI. I just want to play. Coaches know best where to play depending on the game. I like playing in the midfield and I like playing in the wingback. No matter where you play, we will do our best for the team.

Alphonso Davies of Bayern Munich is also 20 years old and is active in wingbacks and midfield. What do you think about him?

That performance against Barcelona! I remember his dribbling. He is an outstanding player and one of the best players in the world he plays. He is an inspiration for me. He is still young, but he has done a lot. Playing him against Bavaria at the Club World Cup will be a great experience.

How did you feel about being called by Brazil?

I couldn’t say anything. The Brazilian national team is the ultimate team for any player and it was their first year as a professional. I remember getting there and seeing a player who played like a video game. I couldn’t believe it. It took me a while to get involved. Everyone was so cool with me and the quality of the players was different. I learned a lot. It was unbelievable to be there, and it made me decide to keep calling.

Any story stands out from your time Seleson??

It was fun. I idolized Neymar as a child. At one point Santos was playing not far away and I asked my dad to take me. We remember going and yelling “Neymar, Neymar” throughout the match until I was completely silent. I was on the team for a while, but suddenly Neymar came in. I wanted to start crying. I realized my childhood dreams. I really had to hold back my tears so that they didn’t look bad. I was a little nervous to see him approaching me. He introduced himself and welcomed me to the team. He was really nice and humble. So I told him how he made me lose his voice. “Wow, I’m so old!” He said. Both laughed. I couldn’t believe Neymar was in front of me.

What do you think of Neymar as a player?

I think he’s an incredible player and deserves a FIFA award. Some of what he can do is unimaginable.I believe he can win [The Best FIFA Men’s Player] This year, I think the 2022 World Cup will belong to Neymar.

How terrible do you want to be in Qatar 2022 with him?

(Laughs) I can’t imagine. World Cup, man! I will do my best, and I hope I can realize this big dream.

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FIFA Club World Cup 2020-News-Gabriel Menino: I want this trophy for enthusiastic Palmeiras fans FIFA Club World Cup 2020-News-Gabriel Menino: I want this trophy for enthusiastic Palmeiras fans

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