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  • Bayern Munich face Tigres in FIFA Club World Cup final on Thursday
  • Robert Lewandowski and André-Pierre Gignac were semi-final heroes
  • Statistics, citations, and Gorazos features when profiling two strikers

Can FC Bayern Munich emulate Barcelona on October 2009 and complete one of the greatest achievements in football history? Can Tigres UANL make the biggest impact in the final history of the FIFA Club World Cup ™?

We’ll look at it on Thursday, but one thing we know for sure is that both teams are benefiting from foreign goal machines in their thirties. On the eve of the showdown, we will spotlight Robert Lewandowski and André-Pierre Gignac.

Robert Lewandowski Andre Pierre Gignac
age 32 34
height 1.85m 1.87 meters
leg correct correct
Uniform number 9 Ten

Lewandowski scored an average of 1.07 goals per game this season (29 out of 27 games). Incredibly, it has not yet reached his return in the last semester: 1.17.

Gignac has scored 10 goals in the last nine appearances in all tournaments, scoring six times in a row.

Quotation marks

“I think winning this Club World Cup will be one of the greatest historic achievements of football as a whole. It will be one of the greatest historic achievements not only from Bayern and Germany, but from all over the world. “
Robert Lewandowski

“André-Pierre Gignac is the basis of Tigres. He determines the pace of the game. Technically he dazzles me. He leads the team. [He knows] Timing to speed up and slow down play. He is decisive. It’s not easy to stop him from taking the penalty. “

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They rarely did it


“His legs are very thin. I kept saying that I might never be able to do it without eating more bacon sandwiches and putting on weight, but over the years, my legs remained like sticks.”

These were the words of Krzysztof Sikorski, the coach of the youth team that Lewandowski played from 8 to 16 years old. Probably even though the forward started only on Poland’s fifth flight and was subsequently added to Legia. Warsaw’s youth was ranked and he was released without forming a team for the first team because he was too thin (he certainly broke that concept).

Lewandowski was told to quit football, but he “loved to see Thierry Henry and decided to be like him.” So he went from Poland’s 3rd to 2nd and 1st layers, where he established himself as an outstanding performer, inspiring Lev Posnan to the crown of Ekstraklasa for the first time in 17 years.

Oh, he’s not thin anymore!


“If I couldn’t achieve that at the club I’m heading to, [fourth division] I didn’t have a future for football because I couldn’t buy a player due to financial problems. “

Gignac was released from the small local club Martig at the age of 16 and was encouraged to invest in his academic education. However, he desperately stuck to football, and two years later, he made his dream professional debut in League Two, got off the bench and quickly won the winner.

It didn’t help establish him in the club, and he found himself legitimately lending himself at the third tier Poe in France. However, after his often forgotten first season in Toulouse, his second term was a shooter who comfortably avoided the closest challengers Karim Benzema and Guillaume O’Arau, leading 24 league goals. Finished as.

Highest scorer in Tigres history

player Goal game ratio
Andre Pierre Gignac 147 246 0.60
Thomas Boy 104 431 0.24
Walter Gaitán 80 201 0.40
Lucas Lobos 68 231 0.29
Heronimo Barbadillo 61 251 0.24

Bayern’s highest scorer ever

player Goal game ratio
Gerd Müller 563 605 0.93
Robert Lewandowski 275 316 0.87
Karl-Heinz Rummenigge 217 422 0.51
Rainer Ohlhauser 215 not sure not sure
Thomas Müller 212 566 0.37

Spot kick specialist

Gignac has now been penalized 13 times in a row against Tigres. Curiously, the last three penalties he missed occurred in August 2017, 18 and 19.

Robert Lewandowski successfully converted 17 consecutive spot kicks until his final attempt was saved by Rune Jarstein of Hertha Berlin. The Norwegians became the second goalkeeper to save a penalty from the Bundesliga pole, following Manuel Neuer, who denied the then Borussia Dortmund player in 2013.

I met again

Guignac is a member of the Marseille team, coached by 1998 France and 2018 Russia winner Didier Deschamps, featuring Cesar Aspiriqueta, Mathieu Valbuena and the Ayew brothers, and the 2011/12 UEFA Champions. I played against Bavarian Munich in the league quarterfinals. While Manuel Neuer, Jerome Boaten, David Alaba and Thomas Müller helped Bayern win the overall victory, he got off the bench on the first leg.

When France beat Germany 2-0 in a friendly match in 2015, Gignac passed Neuer and won the bullet header.

Famous relatives

Lewandowski’s father, who played on Poland’s second flight, was a huge success as a judoka and became a national champion. Bavarian No. 9’s mother was a volleyball player, but her sister is playing the same sport. Lewandowski’s wife Anna is a karateka who has won multiple medals at the World Karate Championships.

Gignac is the cousin of Panathinaikos winger Yohan Mollo and former Marseille defender Jacques Abardonado.

did you know?

Lewandowski is one of two football players who have won the 86-time award-winning Polish Sports Personality of the Year. The 1982 winner Zbigniew Boniek was the only one, but the Bayern Munich striker won in 2015 and 2020.

Gignac was the first player to be based outside Europe when summoned at UEFA EURO 2016 and was summoned from France. He has played six tournaments and posted at the very end of normal time in the finals.


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FIFA Club World Cup 2020-News-Gignacv Lewandowski: Legendary Shootout FIFA Club World Cup 2020-News-Gignacv Lewandowski: Legendary Shootout

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