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  • Marinho inspired Santos in the Copa Libertadores final
  • Tite recently mentioned the possibilities Seleson call
  • “Di Marinho” talks about his appearance, nickname, Palmeiras, Brazil

“It takes something special to be found in Alagoas,” said Mario Zagallo, the most famous son of Brazil’s second-smallest state. Lagoon shells and coconut water are exported in large quantities, but they are like “old wolf”. ‘And’ Queen’Malta is rare.

However, towards the end of the first decade of the century, two Alagoas were unearthed by leading Brazilian clubs. A 17-year-old defensive midfielder in Maceio’s violent neighborhood was signed by Figueirense, thanks to a coincidental recommendation by a local dentist. Meanwhile, 17-year-old Winger joined Neymar and Ganso in the youth of Santos from the small but culturally rich city of Penedo.

However, when the former Roberto Firmino continued to star in Liverpool and Brazil, Marinho endured the setbacks after the setbacks. His Santos fantasy evaporates rapidly. He was unable to establish his position at Fluminense and Internacional.

He noticed that he was playing in Serie B. Then Serie C. And even after the year of the breakout that seemed to have blinded Vitoria in Brasileirao in 2016, his career fell with an unforgettable spell in Changchun Yatai and Gremio.

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Suddenly and surprisingly, Santos called again. And after a great first season with the No. 11 shirt, he finished second in Brasileirao after Flamengo, the 2019 FIFA Club World Cup ™ runner-up. Marinho enjoys the dream campaign. This 30-year-old is arguably the best player in the league and led Santos to the Copa Libertadores final with state rival Palmeiras.

The attacker on the right chats The showdown with Palmeiras on Saturday, a video call from Neymar, was nicknamed after Angel Di Maria and his Brazilian aspirations. Marinho, you are suffering from some disappointments in your career. What was the key to your epic transformation?

Marinho: I think I’m a lot mature. When I arrived in Santos, I felt the support of my fans and everyone working in Santos worked hard with confidence. Yes, I have experienced many difficulties in my career, but I am really enjoying my wonderful moments, thanking God for working hard.

They call you “Di Marinho” after Angel Di Maria. What do you think about your nickname?

(Laughs) I really like it. When I was there in 2016, it was a nickname from a Vitoria supporter because we had a more or less similar playing style. It’s a really affectionate nickname. He is a great player, a winner and playing for a big team in Europe. I’m so impressed with Di Maria that the nickname is really cool.

Santos defeated Gremio 4-1 to advance to the Libertadadores semi-finals, dominating Argentina’s Boca Juniors and winning the return leg 3-0. What do you think about the form of the club?

I think everything we have achieved now is a reward for our efforts from the beginning of the year. We have built a family here. Aside from football, it’s a great family. All players believe in each other. On the pitch, we are a family and a team. We are enjoying a great moment at the club and hope we can reach our goals at the end of this season.

What do you think about Palmeiras?

They are a great team. They have been challenging the title for several years. They are financially strong. We have a great deal of respect for this Palmeiras team. Both of them won the tournament on two great sides in the final. It’s a derby. It’s great for both supporters and for neutral fans, and it’s going to be a great final.

Who would be if I could take one player out of the Palmeiras team?

They have some quality players, but Weverton. He has an incredible shape. He is a great goalkeeper.

How confident is Santos over Libertadores?

We have worked really, really hard. Keep your feet on the ground. I know it’s difficult. But we work really hard, really well prepared to participate in the game and do our best for Santos supporters. They are very passionate. They are spread not only in Brazil but all over the world. I would like to reward their wonderful support.

Please tell us about your relationship with Neymar.

It was really cool when he made a video call and asked me to talk. I have already played with him in advance in a charity match in Maracana. He always treats me very well. I have a lot of respect for him.He is the man I really want to win [The Best FIFA Men’s Player] award. Hopefully he will win the next: I’m a big fan.

How do Santos players feel that they are receiving support and video calls from Neymar?

Getting support from players like Neymar and Pele, the king of football, gives us a lot of motivation. Pele makes history and Neymar makes history. I’m really glad if you support me so that they can see it.

Bayern Munich is a favorite of the FIFA Club World Cup. What do you think about them?

There are no words to describe Bavarian. They will win the Champions League and see how they won. Playing in the FIFA Club World Cup is something every player has dreamed of, and perhaps reaching the finals and playing this Bayern team is even more special. But first we have to give it all to win Libertadores. I’m not thinking about Bavarian. We live in the present and have a very tough game in which we are completely focused. But if I win, I’m thinking about the Club World Cup as soon as the last whistle sounds.

How did you feel when you heard Tite mentioning you as the person you were looking for last month? Seleson??

To listen Seleson The coach says your name really makes you happy.When called by Seleson It depends on my work in Santos. I remain devoted and I’m sure he can put me on the pitch, knowing that Tite will not only call me, but I will do everything to help him and help the team I want to continue working hard here. Wearing a shirt from my country is unbelievable and a fulfillment of my childhood dreams.

You made your professional debut under the Internacional Tight. What do you think about him?

I won my first professional title with him. He is the winner, I have great praise for him. I have always supported him, and I wish him all the good luck in the world. I want to keep working hard so that he keeps remembering me.

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FIFA Club World Cup 2020-News-Marinho: Support from Neymar and Pele greatly motivates Santos FIFA Club World Cup 2020-News-Marinho: Support from Neymar and Pele greatly motivates Santos

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