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December 22 – The day after being elected President of FIFA in May 2016, Gianni Infantino was the first official in Zurich at the opening of the CHF 140 million ($ 158 million) FIFA Museum project. I attended the public meeting.

“This is where football lives and breathes,” Infantino said. “If you don’t have the football virus yet, you can get it here. Only football is important here!”

Four years later, the museum is now being dragged into a pot of FIFA’s ongoing and seemingly growing Swiss criminal proceedings, with the world’s governing bodies filing criminal charges. State prosecutor on museum-related finances for former Zurich President Sepp Blatter and members of his management.

This is the latest in a series of tit-for-tat exchanges between FIFA and Blatter, including the Swiss criminal accusation system, and is referred to by some sources as the “kindergarten exchange.” Blatter has already faced criminal accusations leveled by FIFA, but has not been convicted of any criminal activity. Infantino is currently under investigation by a Swiss special counsel appointed to investigate various criminal accusations filed against him, in which case Blatter was called as a witness.

New complaints filed against Blatter and “others” show that FIFA states that it is a museum project cost of CHF 500 million, “not owned by the organization by the previous FIFA administration. We identify that we have invested CHF 140 million in the renovation and renovation of the building, and also stick to long-term lease agreements at a disadvantage when compared to standard market prices, until the expiration date of 2045. Will cost CHF 360 million in total. “

In a press release, FIFA states that money “may have been directed towards the development of football around the world.”

FIFA Deputy Secretary-General (Administration) Alas der Bell said the complaint was caused by a “court audit” to find out “what really happened here.”

“The audit revealed a variety of suspicious situations and management failures. Some of them may be criminal in nature and require appropriate investigation by relevant authorities. We We have come to the conclusion that we have no choice but to report the case to the prosecutor, especially the current management of FIFA, which also has trustee responsibilities to the organization, making the people in front of us gloomy. If so, I’ll respond to them. I failed, “Bell said.

FIFA also said it would submit a document to its own ethics committee for investigation. It is understood that the situation surrounding investment in museums has never been mentioned in the FIFA ethical function.

The museum was housed in The reconstruction of the “Hauszur Enge” building in the Enge district of Zurich has always been a locally controversial project. Initially, FIFA wanted to build a museum on the premises of its current headquarters, so the plan was denied and FIFA was forced to move the project to Enge. Enge’s locals opposed the plan.

FIFA had to pay a premium because it felt that this was the only area in the city that provided the right place if the museum was not built at headquarters. The 30-year lease agreement was based on giving time to regain the investment.

At launch in 2016 (actually the refurbishment began in 2013), the museum had a library, sports bar, cafe, bistro, 180 degree cinema and huge pinball game. Over 3,000 square meters of exhibition space, there are 1,000 objects, 1,400 photos, 500 videos, 60 screens and 15 interactive stations.

Under Infantino’s leadership, the museum quickly fell into financial difficulty, and the new FIFA boss halved its staff from 100 to 50 and closed its food service business by March 2017.

The museum is now part of a special part of FIFA’s political history, perhaps a symbol of hostility between Infantino and his administration, and almost everything that was in front of him.

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FIFA delves into history and submits new criminal accusation to defeat Blatter FIFA delves into history and submits new criminal accusation to defeat Blatter

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