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FIFA President Gianni Infantino Failed European Super League project, A source told ESPN.

Officially under the FIFA flag, Infantino abandoned last month’s departure. Manchester United, real Madrid And Juventus Faced with fierce opposition from fans, league managers and politicians, they started a new competition to break the existing structure of European football and collapsed within 48 hours.

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However, LaLiga chief Javier Tebas named Infantino “W01”. He is a key figure outlined in a Super League document produced by law firm Clifford Chance, and has since been confirmed by ESPN.

Condition 1 of the Working Draft, which all competing clubs had to sign, states: “The implementation of the SL project was final and finalized by W01 in accordance with the conditions contained in Schedule 8.2. Subject to the acquisition of a binding official decision. W01 Condition) “.

W01 is considered an abbreviation for “World Number One,” and senior sources from top European clubs have confirmed to ESPN that this is Infantino.

Sources from two other clubs participating in the project also told ESPN that they were led to believe that FIFA was in the process of negotiating to join the Super League.

The important point they argue is that the club promoting the proposal would not have started withdrawal without some guarantee that this condition would be met.

Sources told ESPN that a project of this size-which would have a negative impact if it failed-was encouraged by the highest levels of the football administration before deciding to launch. Among many European big clubs, where it is claimed that there is a disagreement between Fantino’s public position and the position that many believe he may have taken privately. Great disappointment is spreading.

“With this kind of thing, we need to confirm the origin of those rumors. I talked to the European team and knew that such a project was being prepared,” Infantino said. He said last week. “When I was in UEFA, I already had a similar project, but it was fixed.

“FIFA has a duty to talk to everyone, but we don’t support the Super League. In January I signed a statement clarifying our thoughts. I’m not going to kill the dreams of other clubs. , The closed league is what FIFA faces. “

Six regional federations of FIFA and football issued a statement in January, arguing that the “closed” Europa League would not be allowed. It has been suggested that it was interpreted by those who were. The project was finally designed with 15 permanent members and 5 qualified teams to participate each year.

Sources also point out that FIFA is the last major governing body to officially blame the Super League after its inauguration. Infantino opposed the plan on April 20th. And that night, the English Club Chelsea And Manchester city The outflow of clubs to withdraw has begun.

ESPN also learned some tactics to persuade the club to sign up for the Super League, especially for its launch on Sunday, April 18.

One of Europe’s top clubs, “Club A”, was wondering whether to commit, but a third party informed that rival “Club B” had joined the withdrawal league and signed up. There was more pressure to do. When a Club A executive called a Club B representative, it was declared that this was not the case.

“Who believes the situation?” Sources said. “Are you going to take the train leaving the station or do you take your position and receive the club as promised? Obviously someone was lying. It was done at the highest level of the club. The amount of lies was incredible. Relationships were in some cases irreparably hurt. “

Barcelona, Juve, Madrid are the only teams that have not yet signed a “Club Commitment Declaration” with UEFA. The other nine did it and reintegrated into the existing structure, but three of them had heavy fines and, Champions League And Europa league for Abandon the Super League project..

Infantino served as UEFA Secretary-General from 2009 to 2016.

FIFA, which was asked to comment by ESPN, has not yet responded.

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FIFA President Gianni Infantino is forced to explain the role of the Super League FIFA President Gianni Infantino is forced to explain the role of the Super League

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