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CAF African Nations Championship

  • Looking back on 2020 CHAN, which Morocco won
  • Mali finished runner-up, Guinea third
  • Tournaments reserved for African-based players

Morocco, who won at home in 2018, won consecutive titles in the CAF African Nations Championship, a tournament reserved for African-based players.

In the final on February 7, Atlas Lions defeated Mali 2-0 and Guinea took the podium in the sixth edition of the tournament, beating host Cameroon 2-0. Here are some important points from the tournament.


Morocco, the first country to hold the title, showed off a nearly perfect display. The slight downside is a 0-0 draw with Rwanda on the second match day of the group stage. And while the sum of only three goals recognized was impressive, what really stood out was the progress.

The tournament’s top scorer and best player, Sophian Rahimi, took the lead. He scored 5 out of 15 goals on his team. Raja Club Athletic’s Winger didn’t make it to the scoresheet in the final, but spotlighted goalkeeper Anasuzunit and his impressive display made him the best player.

second place

In contrast to Morocco, Mali’s participation in the finals was due to defensive solidity. Despite scoring only three times in six games, he won the quarterfinals and semifinals from the penalty spot against Congo and Guinea, following two unscored draws. The Eagles, who spent a lot of energy getting there, couldn’t stand Morocco’s formidable attack in the finals.


2- Morocco, who won the second-chan title, joined the Democratic Republic of the Congo as the most successful team in the tournament. Meanwhile, Mali won her second qualification after losing to the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 2016.

did you know?

A pair of lions were crowned … another tame: Cameroon was a successful tournament when it comes to hosting, but not the same when it comes to field performance. The indomitable Lions, who were roundly defeated by the final champion in the semi-finals (4-0), wanted to win the podium for the first time at this event. However, Guinea did not read the script and won the bronze medal for their virgin CHAN medal.

El Kirbi is good: Ayoub El Kaabi, who scored nine goals in the previous edition, was widely known as the top gun of the Atlas Lions. However, their captain and center forward were around most of the tournament and found the net only twice each time. In the final, everything changed when we secured a win with a close-range dive header in the 79th minute.

Unhappy hero Diara: “It’s a unique feeling to have the ability to save a team in a penalty shootout when many people are dependent on you,” said Jigi Dialla. Told At the end of 2016 CHAN, he first demonstrated his shotstop skills on the continental stage. Five years later, Mali’s keeper made himself stand out again, helping his side win two more times in the shootout. But as in 2016, Diara couldn’t prevent her defeat in the final. “I’m sure we have a chance to redeem ourselves,” he said in 2016. Perhaps Diara and his teammates will get something else.

Interview: Jigi Dialla

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Interview: Jigi Dialla

What they said

“Congratulations to Mali and her coach Diane Noufum for participating in the tournament. Reaching the final is a result. On our side, we are here with a team that has changed significantly and new staff. It was difficult today’s final, but I’ve done it well and I think it’s a good winner. ” — Houcine Ammouta, coach of Moroccan CHAN team

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FIFA World Cup 2022 ™-News-Atlas Lions Bark Again FIFA World Cup 2022 ™-News-Atlas Lions Bark Again

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