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  • Suriname has one more win until the next round of the North and Central America Caribbean qualifiers
  • task?Defeat the popular Canada
  • Ridgeciano Haps talked to about making his dream come true.

Ridgeciano Haps grew up playing street football in Amsterdam, 7,500 kilometers from Franklin Ethed Stadium in Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname. Assisted in Bermuda’s 6-0 defeat.

Like many of Suriname’s teammates, Hapse had to juggle to represent the Dutch national team. 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa ™ Final, or the birthplace of his parents.

“Every year I come to Suriname to meet my family, enjoy life here and meet very kind people,” Hapse said.“You feel the love of people. I want to help Suriname stand up.”

By the age of just nine, Hapse had already set foot in the Ajax Amsterdam Academy, the Holy Grail of Dutch football. A technically talented player, Hapse grew up playing as a left winger up to the U-17 level and shifted to the left back to meet the needs of the team at AZ Alkmaar.

But who is his football idol, as his background as a left winger naturally helped him adapt to modern football, where fullback is expected to participate in attacks more often. It wasn’t surprising to ask if it was. “Roberto Carlos (Lol)And I love Marcelo. “

He has never played for Ajax’s first team, but he still enjoys playing street football in Amsterdam, saying he has played more than 70 games at AZ Alkmaar and now at Feyenoord. I will. “I think of football 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

Hapse is one of the seven players to trade in the top divisions of the Netherlands, but only one of the national teams is playing in a national club (Robin Hood).Is Nato I’m all over the world. Team captain Ryan Donk will play for Turkish giant Galatasaray and midfielder Roland Alberg in Hyderabad, India, and will also represent the Cypriot and Saudi Pro Leagues.

“[Representing Suriname] That means a lot. My family and my friends are here. That means everything to me. I dedicate everything for Suriname. It’s not just for Suriname football, but for the whole country. I want to put it on the map. “

Is Nato So far, he has been perfect throughout Round 1 of the Qatar 2022 qualifying round, winning all three games, scoring 15 goals and scoring no goals in the process. Suriname won the World Cup qualifiers three times in a row in 2008. Who has two hat tricks in this campaign?

“We are forming a great team. Now we have a lot of players based in Europe. The quality is there. We have enough speed and strength. The group has everything. We have everything. I’ve been training every time for the past week. I’m really happy with the team as the training sessions are getting better and better. “

It all depends on the next match against Canada on June 8th in Bridgeview, Illinois. FIFA / Coca-Cola World Ranking And with the winners of the UEFA Champions League.

“I know a lot of people are surprised by Suriname, but now I have to show it. We are ready for that.”

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FIFA World Cup 2022 ™ –News–Hap’s debut symbolizing Suriname’s progress FIFA World Cup 2022 ™ –News–Hap’s debut symbolizing Suriname’s progress

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