Fifth Angel Studio Acquires MERCS Line

Many of you probably played or at least heard MERCS Miniature game line. It’s been a while since I heard something about it. So what happened to it? Well, it will be resurrected by Fifth Angel Studios.They got all the rights MERCS New products will come out as soon as the property.

From the article:

Fifth Angel Studio Acquires MERCS

Fifth Angel Studios has announced that it has acquired all rights and materials related to all related properties, including MERCS IP and MERCS Miniatures, MERCS RECON and MERCS Conflict, from MegaCon Games founder Brian Shotton.

MERCS was created by the teams behind MegaCon Games, Brian Shotton, Keith Lowe, and Tom Mason.

“Brian and the MegaCon team did a great job of creating a great immersive IP with a series of games and stories that we’re excited to grow. Bringing MERCS back to the desktop and into the future I’m really looking forward to pushing the line towards, “said Derek Osborne, co-founder of Fifth Angel Studios.

What’s in the MERCS mission log?

Beginning in 2021, products in the current MERCS 2.0 range will be available to players and fans through their favorite retail stores or directly from the Fifth Angel Studios website. Fifth Angel Studios is committed to producing an exciting new miniature series to support the growth of various MERCS lines. Not only are they built on established releases, but they also introduce new stories and competitive gaming opportunities for this fascinating setting. Fifth Angel Studios invests in all aspects of game design, development and supply.

Fifth Angel Studio is also planning in-store play support for MERCS miniatures and a variety of exciting events planned for 2021 and beyond.

I’m sure many MERCS miniature fans have some questions. We have created FAQ documentation to answer them. The documentation is updated regularly. Subscribe to the mailing list for announcements and updates. Keep an eye out for new product announcements and show attendance in the coming months.

Who is Fifth Angel Studio?

Fifth Angel Studios is a new creative studio venture founded by former CMON sales director Derek Osborne and Kirk Stephens, founder and owner of the Miniature Building Authority. Combining over 40 years of experience in the desktop gaming industry, Fifth Angel Studios’ leadership team focuses on bringing a fun, innovative and exciting hobby experience to the desktop, leveraging its considerable history in the industry. Develop a truly creative and passionate team.


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