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The· Eddie Bravo Invitational Will be back in the second tournament in a few months Fight against Jiu-Jitsu World 2020: Women’s flyweight.. The event will take place live from the beautiful Majestic Resort in Cancun, Mexico.

For those unfamiliar with EBI tournaments, the rules are simple. There are no points or benefits, and the winner is determined only by submission. If no winner is determined within the 10 minute stipulated time, there will be 3 overtime Subterranean submission, Each fighter is given either an arm bar position or a starting position for back control. The earliest submitted fighter from your position will be declared the winner. If not submitted, the grappler with the longest ride time will win the match.

Combat Jiu-Jitsu adds extra wrinkles to the rules-Open Palm Strike. Strikes can only be made on the body and head after both fighters have been grounded. This adds TKO as a potential way to win.

The event will host eight flyweight women’s tournaments to determine the first champion.To competitors Invicta FC veteran Pearl Gonzales, Jessica Delboni,and Liz Tracy, the same as Fight the Americas veteran Paulina Granados, A pioneer in mixed martial arts for women Carina Damm, And decorated BJJ competitors Nikki Sullivan, Brianna Stemmery,and Andrea Basquez..

There are also three special non-tournament matches.These matches will be starring the current Middleweight Combat Jiu-Jitsu World Champion Dan MartinezWho faces BJJ fanatic champion Kyle Bame..Will also be featured Tye RuotoloWith the prospect of soaring on the fighting circuit with his brother Fight against Jiu-Jitsu World 2020: Lightweight champion Cade Luotro, And EBI, CJJ, and Subterranean submission veteran Hunter Corbin.. Finally, Jose Medrano Will face Bruno Antonetta In the battle between products 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu And Gracie Barra BJJ system respectively.

Please keep an eye on MMA sucker Combat Jiu Jitsu Worlds 2020: Live update of The Female Flyweights.Action begins at 3pm ET / noon PT UFC Fight Pass..

Fight against Jiu-Jitsu World 2020: Women’s Flyweight Results

Championship round

Brianna Ste-Mariedef. Liz Tracy (Arbor) by Submission, Regulation 4:58

Special match

Kyle Bame def. Dan Martinez by submission without submission from Martinez (rear naked choke), overtime round 1

Tye Ruotolodef.Hunter Corbin by control time after overtime round 3

Semifinal round

Liz Tracy def. Nikki Sullivan by Submission (Arbor) without Submission from Sullivan, Overtime Round 1

Brianna Ste-Mariedef. Submitted Pearl Gonzalez (Arbor), Regulation 7:49

Special match

Jose Medrano def. Bruno Antonetta by Submission (Arbor) without Submission from Antonetta, Overtime Round 2

Opening round

Liz Tracy def.Submitted Paulina Granados (Rear Naked Choke), 2:54 Regulation

Nikki Sullivan def. Jessica Delboni (toe hold) submitted, regulation 0:52

Brianna Ste-Mariedef. Carina Damm (Arbor) submitted, regulation 1:36

Pearl Gonzalez def.Andrea Basquez, Submission (Rear Naked Choke), 2:00 Regulations

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Fight against Jiu-Jitsu World 2020: Women’s Flyweight Results Fight against Jiu-Jitsu World 2020: Women’s Flyweight Results

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