Fights In Tight Spaces has a free demo

OK. Show your hand. I don’t like card games. But for some reason, I’m curious when developers throw the concept of cards into the type of game that usually doesn’t have cards. So it’s Fights In Tight Spaces that I was pretty crazy about when it was first announced. If you’re in a tactical fight, you can now cook your own deck-based brawl with the free prologue version of the game (read: demo).

I launched a demo to check it out, and I can see that this is what tests the old hamster wheel in my head. The demo includes a training scenario that introduces the rules of momentum, movement and combos before going to the first level. Each mission seems to allow you to experience multiple battles in several different small spaces. I stopped by the first mission, did some beatdowns in the bathroom, and then chose to move to the alley (rather than the second bathroom) for the second battle.

It’s a lot of fun, but I admit that I didn’t think too much about each move as I liked it. Standing in front of a fellow with a gun, I died in the alley when I ran out of movement cards and was put in a bad position.

Everything is handled by the cards in your deck, including movement. Some cards combine attack and movement, like my “front kick” card, to damage and push back the enemy in front of you, or move one tile towards the enemy to kick. Other cards build your momentum, so you can squeeze some additional actions on your turn. Some are useful for shooting and killing enemies with guns in front of walls and allies.

I’ve had a good time with it so far, and I think both environmental hazards and my deck will be more complicated at a later level. For now, I’m learning to manage dancing around these sneaky villains without being shot.

Fights In Tight Spaces (Prologue) can be found on Steam. If you’re looking at the final version, it’s on its own Steam page.

Fights In Tight Spaces will not be narrowed down until 2020 as originally planned and will be launched in Early Access in early 2021.

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Tactical card brawler Fights In Tight Spaces now has a free demo

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