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Brown dominates the Hyundai team’s first season of 2019 TCR Australia and is still the only champion in the category in courtesy of the 2020 campaign, which is stuck due to the global health crisis.

He doesn’t try to keep his title, but Brown Focus on his rookie supercar season at Erebus Motorsport..

It opened the door for Buchan to fill the title-winning seat, the 24-year-old joined the HMO a few seasons later in Formula Ford in the state and Formula 3 across the country.

He teams up with Nathan Morcom. Nathan Morcom continues his team after finishing fifth in the 2019 rankings.

“I still can’t believe it. I knew it a while ago, but I still don’t feel it,” Buchan said.

“I’m very excited to hear a lot of messages and phone calls when it comes to Facebook official this morning.

“The Hyundai TCR car is completely its own beast. Fortunately, it was one of the most powerful brands of all TCR brands, so we were able to secure a drive in modern times.

“It’s not hard to replace Will. The car and the team proved themselves. The HMO is the clothes that everyone wants to be with, so they signed me up. I think I’m lucky.

“I’m not putting too much pressure on it. I feel competitive if we all work.”

Buchan first sampled the i30N TCR at Wakefield Park late last year. His next running set will take place this Sunday when Round 1 practice begins at Simmons Planes.

“The test at Wakefield Park was great. It was completely different from what I had driven before, but I immediately felt that I had adapted to it,” he said.

“I’ve never raced at Simmons Planes. It’s as close as I did because I passed it. In the first session, I had a hard time with things and had a good weekend. I’m sure I should be able to spend it. “

Qualifying and the three races at Simmons Planes will be split on Monday, January 25th and Tuesday, January 26th, taking advantage of the long weekend of Australia Day.

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Fill the TCR sheet where the HMO won the title Fill the TCR sheet where the HMO won the title

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