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Armand Franklin performed a show against Illinois on Saturday, scoring the highest 23 points of his career (8 out of 12 shots, 5 out of 6 deep). The Hoosiers were playing for the breakout scorer while Illinois was deciding a bucket for Ayo Dosunmu to lead the team to victory (see 3 and 4 in this film session).

In the latest version of the film session, we’ll look at Franklin’s latter four scores.

Early in the half, Hoosiers is three behind and Rob Finize inbounds to Franklin.

Franklin found Race Thompson in the high post on the right while Finize was preparing for the flex screen.

When Franklin cuts the baseline, Dosunmu avoids it. Thompson swings the ball to Jerome Hunter at the high post on the left:

Franklin keeps cutting the baseline as the hunter has the ball near the top of the key. Thompson sets the Phinisee down screen on the right side.

The hunter hits Finize with a pass and turns back to the high post on the left. Franklin, meanwhile, is currently setting up a flex screen on the left side of the court for Alderlam.

When Durham cuts the baseline and gets another screen, this time from Thompson, the hunter sets Franklin’s powerful down screen on the left. This hinders Dosunmu.

This releases Franklin on the left and allows Finize to pass. At the end of Dosunmu, it’s a little higher, to the right of Franklin.

Franklin uses a closeout to drive Dosunmu to the left and he now opens to allow more space:

When Franklin hits the midrange, the hunter clears to give him space and sets up around for a possible 3-point attempt. Da’Monte Willians is at home in the lower left post.

So Franklin took what the defense gave him, and Dosunmu could only see ahead, so he confidently stepped into the midrange shot before Williams approached. He hits a shot and pulls the Hoosiers into the points:

This is Indiana’s blocker mover motion offense, performing numerous screens and cuts until Franklin is released. From there he made the quick and confident decision to drive, stand up and score.


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Film Session: Illinois-Inside the Hall Film Session: Illinois-Inside the Hall

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