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Hoosiers allowed Michigan to hit 11/17 (64.7%) from the depths of Sunday afternoon. This is a big reason why Indiana lost 18 points.

For all 40 minutes, IU kept the shooter wide open from the 3-point range. It gave Michigan a great look and helped Wolverine build confidence in fast shooting on the road.

So how did that happen? Yes, Indiana’s decision to double Hunter Dickerson gave Wolverine some of those great looks. However, looking back at the movie, we can see that the Indiana team’s defenses have sent too many defenders to the ball, unable to communicate and lack consciousness. This was a rare poor defensive game from Hoosiers and also the worst game of the season (1.21 points allowed for each possession).

In the latest version of the film session, we’ll look at four possessions that have turned into Wolverine’s three-point makeup.

In the first clip, Xavier Johnson picks up Moussa Diabaté in transition while Race Thompson picks up the ball and Devante Jones. Jones puts the ball in the diabate with the block on the right. This is where things collapse for Hoosiers.

Perhaps because Diabate was Thompson’s defensive mission at this point in the game, he went to him and doubled. However, Johnson stays at Diabate and does not rotate to Jones. And as the mirror cup dug into the diabate, there were three fugers on the ball.

From there, Parker Stewart and Johnson scramble the ball, so with a slight movement of the ball from Wolverine, Caleb Hustan appears to have opened his left wing.

Indiana didn’t need three defenders on the ball here, and Michigan had the Hoosiers pay.

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Film Session: Michigan-Inside the Hall Film Session: Michigan-Inside the Hall

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