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The· New Orleans Saints This season’s Christmas match will be forever remembered as the day Alvin Kamala danced six times towards the end zone. Minnesota Viking, And the game where Saints scored 52 points without Drew Brees throwing a single touchdown. However, the explosion of the 52-point attack obscured a substandard day for Saints’ defense, dangerously bringing the Viking quarterback Kirk Cousins ​​close to 300 yards, throwing three touchdowns and playing the game. I kept it the most interesting. Of the contest. However, most of the damage caused by the Viking’s pass attack was dealt with as expected by the famous saint destroyer Adam Thielen and Stud Rookie Justin Jefferson’s Stud Wide Receive Duo, and Abh Smith also provided a touchdown pair. Did. Let’s take a look at how Saints’ defense dealt with all three of these players on Friday.

Marshon Lattimore vs Justin Jefferson

Denis Allen seems to have learned his lesson. Lattimore caught all four targets against Adam Thielen at a playoff meeting between the two teams last year, catching a total of 64 yards, and then stopped rookie Justin Jefferson this time to take one. I put it in.Of his better performance this season against LSU Product. Lattimore allowed Jefferson four catches, but was targeted eight times and allowed 55 yards. We also split the path twice, as shown below.

Jefferson loosened with a gain of 25 yards on Friday and set a Viking touchdown in the second quarter, a match against Malcolm Jenkins, who was Jefferson’s overall substar day.

Janoris Jenkins vs Adam Thielen

Siren was the Viking’s main receiver on Friday, catching eight passes at 97 yards with a touchdown. Five of those catches could be due to reports by Janoris Jenkins, who struggled to catch up with the sly sly Siren, like many cornerbacks in front of him.

Saints can think that Lattimore is really lucky to have slipped in this play. Because he is in the best position to knock down Siren after making this catch. Siren ran a simple crossing route in this play, shook Jenkins, and then stumbled upon Lattimore in a 19-yard play. If Lattimore wasn’t in the right place and at the right time, he could have done much more.

Another intersection when Siren interweaves defenders and opens the left side of the field 24 yards. This is his longest gain of the day.

Siren’s touchdown that day was also interviewed by Jenkins, who just went off the line on a flat route and had the ball in his hands before Janoris caught up.

Abh Smith touchdown

Finally, take a look at the pair of touchdowns caught by Viking’s tight end Abh Smith. Two of them total 6 yards.

The first touchdown is a case study of the beauty of play action. The Vikings are on the goal line, Saints are sold out to stop Dalvin Cook and the run, and Smith is running just below the route. By the time DeMario Davis, who is listed as responsible for the play’s coverage, understands what happened and scrambles to regain his position, his cousin gives Smith a fairly simple path. Throw. Smith is widely open in the end zone for his first touchdown that day.

Take a look at it and it happened again. This time, Malcolm Jenkins was caught in an absolutely no-man’s land, biting play action and completely missing Smith who caught a simple touchdown on the second day.

Fortunately for Saints, the Vikings have made a good attack that gives up 33 points, but the attack was fully carried out because not all games are the secret to success and often lead to disasters. That said, it’s positive because Marshon Lattimore stepped up on Friday and offered one of his better performances this season to someone who wasn’t named Mike Evans. Blockade Lattimore will be key to the successful saints of this postseason. Especially the road to Lattimore Bouncy ball Includes a trip to Rambo against MVP candidate Aaron Rodgers and NFL touchdown leader Davante Adams

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Film Study: Lattimore Steps Up, Jenkins Struggles On Christmas Day Film Study: Lattimore Steps Up, Jenkins Struggles On Christmas Day

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