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It’s coming soon. Tomorrow night, Barcelona welcomes a new president and hopes to lead the club to a better and brighter future. For now, everything is still possible and we don’t know who will win.

That said, yesterday all three candidates had the last chance to shake Sosis in the final debate. Joan Laporta, Victor Font and Antoni Freixa have locked the horn and offered a new project. This time there was more interaction.

And we are here to bring you the best part of the whole discussion. And emphasize all three of the most influential citations.The· Clearly my favorite Laporta in the raceAgain, I reiterated how important it is to make members the true owners of the club.

“Members continue to be the owners of the club. Bring Barça back to glory. On economic issues, calm down. Everything shows the fact that fans will return to the stadium at the end of the year. On the pitch, we too. Needs improvement. “

But another big thing he mentioned was to ensure that justice was offered in the club. In particular, he talked about the entire corruption scandal that followed due to Josep Maria Bartomeu’s administration and their poor leadership.

“If I win, I do so-called” due diligence. ” If the investigation reveals that the previous administration is guilty, we will make the right decision for the club. This is clear, but I would also like to emphasize the possibility of innocence. “

Laporta firmly believes that it is the one who will help Barcelona recover from the crisis. And then up again. He respects the club and is absolutely confident that his new sports project will invigorate the Catalan. And what if you were asked why you voted for him? Tell them because you love clubs.

“I respect Barcelona and try to get the club back, so I present myself, because I’m sure I can do it. When asked why I vote for me, Say “I love Barcelona”. Thank you very much. “

Fonts, on the other hand, were very particular about presenting something completely different from what we’ve seen so far. In his view, the best way to start building for the future is to accept it. Although he clearly respects past achievements, he dislikes Laporta’s view of emphasizing past achievements.

At the same time, he tells Laporta, believing he has more experience and better play than his rivals. “We need to respect those who have three times the business experience of ourselves and have worked on projects that represent the solutions that Barcelona really needs. Older solutions will not work for newer issues.”

Again, Font isn’t afraid to throw different names into the conversation and mentions Xavi again. But the biggest point from his speech is that his rivals claim that they actually have plans, not just improvisation.

His new sports project is based on years of meticulous planning and homework. “There are experienced people working with us, such as Xavi and Jordi Cruyff. We will do our homework and prepare for March 8th. We have to make decisions for years. I’ve been looking for people. “

In any case, the resurrection of Barcelona can no longer be waited for, so he will soon start working on various solutions. However, these things also take time and need to be understood. “Our plan is to start working soon for the new season. In the summer, we will announce Camp Nou’s plan, which will take five years to build.”

Freixa tried to play the loyalty card, claiming that he attended all the finals and never missed an important opportunity. Can the other two candidates say the same thing? He wouldn’t insist.

“I have never missed the final, either as an instruction or as a fan. I don’t know if other candidates can say the same thing.”

He also understands Barcelona financial situation Bad, but the first order in business is to somehow improve what’s happening on the pitch. Freixa has people available here right now, but his rivals talk about partners and friends who don’t even exist to confirm it.

“My sports director, Luis Carreras, is here, not in China. He said he was part of my project. The sports aspect is of paramount importance in running the club. Results on the pitch If it’s bad, there’s no way to grow economically. “

Finally, Freisha mentioned the youth of Barcelona as evidence that the club needed to return to its roots. That is the only way to succeed and improve again. Players like Ronald Araujo and Oscar Mingueza prove that the future rests on the shoulders of young players.

In his mind, he is the right person for the job, he steers with him, and a wonderful time awaits the Catalan giant.

“A player who knows the team’s methodology is a player who helps Barcelona. Mingueza and Araúho proved it. We do not believe in our philosophy in recent years. We have regained it and we I will believe in the young talent that I have. “

“”We really have a great 6 years before us. We regain our greatness. You will be proud of your president who hides nothing. We all love balsa and must be loyal to them. Viscael Barçai Visca Catalunya! “

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Final Battle: Highlights of the Last Barcelona Presidential Election Debate Final Battle: Highlights of the Last Barcelona Presidential Election Debate

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