Final Destination 6 will break the classic franchise formula, creators say

Final Destination creator Jeffrey Reddick has revealed that the sixth movie breaks the franchise formula and changes things for the next article.

Jeffrey Reddick, final destination Series, talk about future methods Final destination 6 It will be a restart type with a new formula from other movies.first time final destination The movie was released in 2000 and currently has 5 movies, 2 comics and 9 novels. All five films follow the same basic scenario that a few people are saved from death after the protagonist sees a premonition of the coming end. Then they die one by one as death elaborately catches up in the form of shower cords, garbage disposal, pool filters and escalators. Logging truck accident,Such. They must all be bored now, as they all escaped with the mark of death.

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The franchise’s sixth movie is currently under development as it has been several years since it was released in 2019. I finally found a house on HBO Max. Jon Watts, Director Spider-Man: No Way HomeProduce His wife, Diane McGanigle, and long-time franchise producers Craig Perry and Sheila Hanahan Taylor are back.What are the fans excited about with such a great team Final destination 6 It’s in the store.

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Reddick sheds some light on what to expect in the next article.In an interview with Dread Central (Transcribed by Comic book), He talks about the horror franchise he created.Although he is not involved Final destination 6, He is looped by Perry. Read his view of the sixth movie below:

“We say it’s not just another kind.” We set up a group of people, they deceive death, and only death catches them. “And I There’s one wrinkle we’ve added to every movie, and it’s like changing it a bit.this is true final destination It’s a movie, but it doesn’t follow the formulas we have established … I think I can say that much. “

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More than 10 years have passed since then Final destination 5Therefore, the return to the horror franchise is certainly exciting. In particular, it promises to add a new twist to the familiar formula. As Reddick observed, the first five movies are so similar that this change could be a welcome change for fans. This means that each movie will eventually return to the first movie, and the fifth installment is the day before the surprise.

Reddick’s horror franchise is unique among its peers as it lacks the traditional adversaries and monsters of other films in this genre. instead of, The supernatural power of death itself pursues final destination letter, Makes it almost impossible to escape.Promise of another view of this plot Final destination 6 It’s promising because viewers don’t know what to expect from the movie, but if this work is true to its predecessor, there’s certainly a spectacular and elaborate death scene that fans of the series loved and expected. ..

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sauce: Dread Central (Transcribed by Comic book).


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Final Destination 6 will break the classic franchise formula, creators say

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