FINAL FANTASY 14 bans more than 5,000 players by using real money in-game

Another batch of FINAL FANTASY 14 players was banned from spending real-world money in exchange for MMORPG game merchandise and services, and small groups were similarly punished for their attempts. ..

The news post revealed that more than 5,000 players have closed their open world gaming accounts during the period from February 25th to March 3rd this year. This is due to a violation of the rules surrounding “real money trading and other illegal activities” that undermine and upset the in-game economy.

In addition, 814 ended because it tried to participate in, promote, or create deals involving real currencies, rather than Gil, which is used throughout the FINAL FANTASY series. Unfortunately, such a wave of bans on criminals is regular, with over 9,500 accounts removed for real-money transactions in 2019. In that case, many players were also kicked by using the bot. Square Enix seems to have at least suppressed botting while the RMT breach continues.

The post contains information on how to report who is trying to exchange real money for something.Command line[システムメニュー]>[サポートデスク]>[お問い合わせ]>[不正行為の報告]Use the. Players are encouraged to report and ignore anything they find.

The next FINAL FANTASY 14 expansion pack, Endwalker, has recently been revealed. Arriving in the fall, I told Naoki Yoshida why he needed to end the 10-year story of A Realm Reborn.

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