FINAL FANTASY 14 patch 5.4 will be released on December 8th at the next raid tier

Final Fantasy 14: Shadow Bringer‘Patch 5.4 will be released on December 8th, adding new raid tiers and other new content.

The trailer tells the story of several stories happening in the game. As part of the main scenario quest, the gang is back from First and refocusing on the Girlen Empire. On the other hand, in The Sorrow of Werlyt’s side quest, the Girly Empire seems to be dissatisfied with the player’s interference and opposed the Emerald Weapon. (Yes, from FINAL FANTASY 7.. It’s a deliberate crossover! )

All this happens while the story of Eden’s assault returns to First, where Rhein and Gaia are finishing things. Emerald weapons are not the only battle for crossover bosses.Square Enix is ​​afflicting us with this patch as we have to fight FINAL FANTASY 3■ Cloud of Darkness of this raid layer. Final Fantasy 3 For elements like Cloud of Darkness and The Crystal Tower, FINAL FANTASY 14But this is the first time we’ve met her FINAL FANTASY DISSIDIA please look.

However, when patch 5.4 drops, a new dungeon, a new trial, and a new series of raids will be completed. There are also updates to new treasure hunt maps for crafting and collecting, sea fishing and exploring. Square Enix, thank you for feeding us.

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