FINAL FANTASY 14 players are getting free game time to make up for endwalker issues

Square Enix announces that all FINAL FANTASY XIV players who own the latest endwalker extensions for the game and have active subscriptions will receive 7 days of free game time due to ongoing server issues. bottom.

Following the early access release of Endwalker on December 3, the game’s server was blamed, the login queue was lengthened, an error message was displayed, and the player was completely disconnected. Naoki Yoshida, producer and director of FINAL FANTASY XIV, apologized for the situation in an official post, outlining the steps the team is working on for improvement prior to the official launch of Endwalker on December 7. bottom.

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Part of getting things right is to give players free game time that will be offered to them from December 7th. Yoshida states that more free gaming time may come “according to further development” with respect to ongoing server congestion.

Yoshida outlines peak player times in different time zones so players can log in and choose a time that is easier to play. He also responds to player complaints that he will be automatically logged out of the game after performing an AFK for 30 minutes during the credits of the previous FINAL FANTASY XIV expansion. About this, “I’m really sorry.” Yoshida states that the player is inactive and will not log out during the endwalker’s end credits, but in other end credit scenes he asks the player to press a button or click the mouse to avoid returning to the main menu. I am.

Square Enix was predicting problems with the game’s current server. Last week, the company apologized in advance for server issues prior to the launch of Endwalker’s Early Access, and said the team did everything in its power to optimize the server and increase capacity. Even with these upgrades, Square Enix said that players are very likely to encounter long login queues and server errors, both of which are unfortunately possible.

FINAL FANTASY’s popularity has skyrocketed in recent months, breaking simultaneous player records on Steam and leading Square Enix, limiting the creation of new characters in certain populated data centers. The game’s new Endwalker expansion raises the level cap from 80 to 90, introducing new areas for players to explore and dungeons to conquer, as well as two new jobs to master.

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