FINAL FANTASY 7 Remake PS5 Yuffie New Screenshots, Profiles, etc.

Best ff7 Girl Yuffie new screenshots, profiles and gameplay details.

On March 2nd, Square Enix revealed new details for PS5 and Yuffie Kisaragi’s FINAL FANTASY 7 Remake Intergrade. Most notably, Yuffie’s official profile has been released with new screenshots. Some of the information was shared on the official English Twitter of FINAL FANTASY VII Remake. However, the Japanese press release had more details. Also about Yuffie’s gameplay. So I translated and included all of the following:

Yuffie Kisaragi Japanese Profile
Yuffie Kisaragi is one of the members of the Takedai special operations force known as Shinobi. She calls herself a beautiful ninja and a great materia hunter. Manipulating a giant shuriken, Yuffie confuses and destroys his enemies with his agile movements. Her aim is to save her now dilapidated home after being defeated in the war with Shinra. Yuffie has infiltrated Midgar and is acting under the orders of the Takedai interim government.

Yuffie Kisaragi English Profile
“Ravi Singh Beauty” and “World Class Materia Hunter”, Yuffie Kisaragi has both styles. But she needs to use all her skills as part of the Utai Ninja Spy Elite Corps to sneak into Midgar …

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