FINAL FANTASY VIII Remaster Get Physical PS4 Release

First released in 1999, FINAL FANTASY VIII received critic praise and, of course, a remastered version with many enhancements. With Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, gamers can experience classics with updated visuals and boosts such as Battle Assist, No Encounter, and 3X Speed ​​Boost.

The digital version of the game was released last year, but for collectors, the physical release wasn’t revealed to this day, and there was some great box art.

2020 is a big year for the Square Enix franchise, with the release of FINAL FANTASY VII Remake earlier this year, Square Enix trying to boost sales during the Christmas season with a physical release that gets more attention in stores. There seems to be.

Still, with a Metacritic score of 80/100 and a high reputation for its cinematic style, it’s the perfect feed for gamers who are missing a PS5 this Christmas and are looking for a good story to bite into their teeth. There is a possibility of becoming.

Here you can protect your copy of FINAL FANTASY VIII remastered version.


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Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Gets A Physical PS4 Release

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