FINAL FANTASY XIV Announcement Showcase set in February

Square Enix is ​​a mystery FINAL FANTASY XIV At the announcement showcase in February this year, we’ll be announcing some “cool things” about popular MMOs.

The game’s official Twitter account confirms that the next major patch will be released on December 8th, reveals the news, and brings new chapters, including a new main scenario quest, new content called the new raid dungeon. .. Eden’s promises, new trials and dungeons, a whole new explorer mode and more.

The update also shows that online games will acquire new bosses with their famous and unique expressions. FINAL FANTASY VII Emerald weapon of the boss. Players can challenge new bosses with normal and extreme difficulty.The new raid dungeon also features a boss battle designed by Kingdom hearts Director and many years Final Fantasy Producer Tetsuya Nomura.

Once speculation about the February announcement begins, you can check out the trailer for the new patch content below. Is it a new extension or a game coming to the next generation console? You will have to wait until 1:30 am (UK time) on February 6th to find out.At this point FINAL FANTASY XIV Available for PlayStation 4 and PC.

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