FINAL FANTASY XIV Patch 5.5 Lives on New NieR: Automata Alliance Raid

The first part of FINAL FANTASY XIV patch 5.5 was released on April 13th. Originally announced on February 6th, the title of the new update is “Death Unto Dawn”. It sets the stage for the next expansion, Endwalker-a story that concludes the long-running arc of Hyderin and Zodiac.

The second part of patch 5.5 will be released at the end of May after the Digital FFXIV Fanfest. The details below delve into patch 5.5, so be careful if spoilers aren’t keeping up with the storyline or want to blind new content.

In the main story, it’s clear that Eorzea faces (another) existential threat. In the trailer, all heads of state are gathered in a place that looks like a very important meeting. Narration also means that everyone needs to fight a common enemy or otherwise annihilate. The optional side quest Sorrow of Werlyt can also be concluded in patch 5.5.

Players can also expect a new dungeon called Pagl th’an and a new trial called Cloud Deck. From the Teaser photo, Paglth’an appears to be set in a conflict-prone area with an ominous tower of light shining into the sky. A new unrealistic trial, The Whorleater, features a much tougher battle with the primitive Leviathan. The Navel Unreal trial is currently unavailable.

Patch 5.5 also includes Tower at Paradigm’s Breach, Part 3 of the 24-person NieR: Automata Crossover Alliance Raid series. From the teaser trailer, the player appears to face the Red Girl. It’s unclear if this is the last NieR: Automata-themed raid on FFXIV.

Combat system changes have adjusted jobs for Marauder / Warrior, Dark Knight, Monk, Dragoon, and Scalar. Most of these are relatively minor and are minor adjustments to the potency of a particular ability. Perhaps the biggest change was that Monk’s Earth’s mysterious abilities lasted 10 seconds instead of 6 seconds.

And, of course, the true end of FFXIV is charm and dwelling, so we need to mention something new in both categories. MorDhona’s luxury merchants Edelina and Eulmore’s Tabeth sell rare and flashy items. In the home, items from the FFXIV Furnishing Design Competition are available. This includes a very nice glowing acorn ceiling lamp.

FFXIV’s PS5 Open Beta also started today. Both the free trial version of PS5 and the PS5 Upgrade Edition can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store.

再生中: ファイナルファンタジーXIVパッチ5.5トレーラー-夜明けまでの死


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