FINAL FANTASY XIV player teasing the strange grapes of Endwalker

FINAL FANTASY XIV players have noticed that the latest expansion pack, Endwalker, has some unique grapes and are encouraging many to make fun of its strange shape.

Eagle Eyed FINAL FANTASY XIV online Players have found some strangely shaped grapes in the latest expansion pack of the game, End walker.. Square Enix’s overwhelmingly popular MMO The latest enhancement was recently released for Early Access on December 3rd, and the official release arrived on December 7th.

As the fourth extension of FINAL FANTASY XIV, End walker The story between Hydroelyn and Zodiark, which began with the release of the title in 2010, concludes. In addition to the end of the decade-long story, the expansion release contains a lot of new content. Includes new areas and men’s VIERA lace. End walker In addition, two new player classes have been introduced. A DPS titled Reaper and a healer job titled Sage. The most impressive one is End walker Featuring more cutscenes And the content of the story than its predecessor, Shadow Bringer, Will be the biggest expansion of the game so far.

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Reddit user shootthemovies I recently shared a screenshot of the latest expansion pack for the game. I found some strange grapes there. The photo shows some bunches of ripe purple vines hanging from the vines. However, the fruit model was cheerfully less detailed, and its texture was arranged in a block-like crystal-like shape.Strange grapes quickly caught the attention FINAL FANTASY XIV Fans have encouraged many to participate and enjoy the low quality graphics and their interesting shapes.

Some Redditors pointed out that the crystal-like shape of the grapes resembles a mother crystal (Hyderin). FINAL FANTASY XIVThe story so far.. The comparison elicited some interesting reactions to Hyderin’s most recognized citations with a fruity twist. “”Listen … feel … think …“teeth”Listen … feel … drink …Another Redditor cheerfully added that the shape of the grape “must mean the shape of the grape”.Sauvignon block varieties.Low resolution grapes are definitely an interesting sight to see, but the reason behind that low resolution is FINAL FANTASY XIV Director Naoki Yoshida has previously stated that the use of more detailed in-game decorations will affect the performance of the game.

Nevertheless End walkerThe grapes are certainly lacking in polygons, it’s heartwarming to see it FINAL FANTASY XIVThe community is more amused than angry at the block of fruit. The overwhelming popularity of MMO’s latest expansion has meant that players who want to see the grapes up close may have a hard time logging in. However, FFXIV Announced that it will give you free game time To compensate players for ongoing server congestion issues. For those who are on the lookout, as fans progress, they will definitely discover more interesting details. End walkerSubstantial addition to the epic MMO.

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FINAL FANTASY XIV: End Walker It will be released on PC, PS4, and PS5 on December 7th.

sauce: shootthemovies / Reddit

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FINAL FANTASY XIV player teasing the strange grapes of Endwalker

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