FINAL FANTASY XVI reveals more plots and character details with the launch of the website

Square Enix has launched the official website for future RPGs FINAL FANTASY XVI Limited to the upcoming PlayStation 5, it will provide you with lots of juicy world and character details.

The game is played in the land of Ballistair, the source of ether that Mother Crystal uses to remind people of this land to remind them of magic. The land is currently competing with Akon, who is said to be the “most powerful and deadly creature” living among the “rulers” who have the ability to demand their power. Alas, they seem you have little choice in becoming one of these rulers, as you were born and “can’t escape their destiny.”

Actors in this play include Clive Rossfield, the eldest son of Grand Duke Rosalia. He was expected to be dominant, but instead the burden was on his brother Joshua, so he picked up his sword and decided to master the battle like you did. In the meantime, his younger brother Joshua was born into this power, but apparently used it only for good, being described as weak in pairing and more serious. The last character revealed so far is Jill Warwick. Jill Warwick is a close friend of a brother who was taken out of the house at an early age and raised with Clive and Joshua.

You can check the website here to get more inside stories for yourself. FINAL FANTASY XVI Will be released exclusively for PlayStation 5, and the release date has not yet been decided, but producer Naoki Yoshida says on the website that he expects the next big “information disclosure” in 2021.–character-details-with-website-launch

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