Find other cats in “Cattails: Wildwood Story”, fight, get married and jump into Switch in 2024

2018, Animal Crossing: Before New Horizons, Before Pandemic, Before the Nintendo eShop is filled with Kitty games, Cattails: Relaxing combining the territorial nature of human second best friend with survival life There was a cat RPG-Siminess of games like Stardew Valley. He praised its “fun mechanics, cheerful writing, and nice soundtrack” as the perfect place to spend time before Animal Crossing, giving it 8/10 at the time.

A good muse for cat fans: Cattails is getting a standalone sequel Cattails: Wildwood Story, And it’s coming to Switch again! The game is currently kick-starting, but whether you support it or not, it has already broken its original goal of $ 30,000 and is on track towards $ 250,000 at the time of writing this. ..

Here’s a partial description of the Kickstarter page:

Experience life as a cat in a mysterious wilderness. In search of rare herbs and delicious prey, they roam dense forests, muddy swamps, rocky highlands and sandy beaches. Build and customize the colony’s operational foundation, attract new residents and grow a prosperous community. Meet a diverse cast of unique cats and bring back gifts from your trip to make friends!

Cattails: Wildwood Story is a single-player game inspired by life sims (Story of Seasons, Animal Crossing), RPGs (Rune Factory), and love simulations, and includes a “unique cat-themed experience” with lots of NPCs. Create (unplayable cats, obviously) make friends, beg, and calm down.


Unlike regular life sims, Cattails also have a special cat mechanic. You can’t hunt secretly or even catch creatures during the hibernation season. You can also enjoy another cat hunting together!

Cattails: Check out Kickstarter for more information on Wildwood Story. Also, for Switch in the second half of 2024, keep an eye on the game.

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