Find your place in an unstable world

Take my mood. Let’s take a little trip in our hearts …

Imagine having a permanent vacation on the lush green islands of the Pacific Ocean around paradise.

Some beaches are on the surface of the sea, while others are at the top of the mountain, offering 360-degree views. Then there are people commuting from the beach to the top of the mountain and guiding others up and down – Docent.

The mountains are steep and rough terrain. The summit is a paradise-everything you ever need and want-fresh and drinkable waterfalls, abundant food, and peace. At the top of the island, they work together to protect and protect paradise and their affluent lives. They are grateful and do not take the grace they have been given for granted. They have fellowship with the land.

It wasn’t easy to get there. They had to find great inner power not only for their physical feats, but also for fighting their inner demons. When they reach the top, they understand how valuable it is to overcome the challenge. Now, looking down at those who are trying to climb, I hope they can encourage them to believe in how valuable it is to continue. They paved the way for others to follow, but it is more visible from above and very difficult to find from below. Sometimes they forget how hard it was and always they almost quit.

The beach people are grateful, but life there is even harder. From time to time, storms and storm surges come in and wipe out everything they save on food, but much less. They must rebuild their shelter and their spirit.

Docents are people who know where the carved paths are and do not choose to stay at the top of the mountain in paradise, but instead choose to travel back to help people.

You see, the higher you go, the better your point of view. Some docents go all the way to the beach and are very good at getting people on the beach to follow them to the top, but most docents help people move a little forward. Still, mountain climbers are much more inspired to continue because they already know that the end of the journey is worth the effort. Finally, there are those who are too weak for trekking, those who believe they are too weak for trekking, and those who do not want to leave their loved ones too weak for trekking.

It’s an uncoordinated endeavor, but if Docent worked together, they can ensure that everyone gets off the beach and climbs the mountains, making life better and the perspective stronger. The higher you go, the better you can see the storms and tsunamis approaching and the safer it is. In fact, science predicts that they will be much more frequent.

With coordinated efforts, each docent trains others on multiple passes, and increased traffic makes the paths wider and easier to cross. Docents co-creates a solution to attract people who are too weak to climb a mountain. This will require their time and perhaps some resources from above such as food and supplies.

Why do we want to get everyone off the beach? Because it is certain that the tide waves will come again. The storm will surely come again.

In Docent’s journey and mission to help people from the shore reach the summit, they are often stuck. Sure, they know the way, but they face challenges that continue to exist while climbing mountains. It is important to practice self-care and realize that you are at risk of not returning to the mountains yourself. If you get stuck on the beach trying to get everyone to follow you, decide if you should be at risk of a small crew of ambitious followers or at risk of being overwhelmed and swept away. May be difficult, chaos and change, and never return to your own safety.

Accurately assessing your own resilience, stamina, energy, and resources is important, especially for Docent, who suffers from these challenges of moving up and down on the first few trips. You may need to return to the mountains to nourish yourself, enhance your mood in paradise, remind you of what is possible, and gain a greater perspective again. From there, it’s easier to strategize the path up and down with less effort.

Ultimately, as more people climb mountains, it’s much easier to convince people on the beach to start their journey. However, some people do not abandon their homes on the beach in the event of storm surges or storm surges. Living on the beach is hard, but there are rewards. So, after all, it’s still a beach.

Given this analogy, who is on the beach?

What is paradise like?

Who are the people in paradise, and what do you think of them?

Who is Docent?

Where are you?

How far have you climbed the mountain?

Where do you want to be why?

What else can I add to this analogy?

thank you for playing with me. I hope you share your answer with me.

If you docent, we will give you C3LinkedIn community.. We are laying the foundation for collaborative efforts to make it easier for more people to climb the mountain further.

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Find your place in an unstable world Find your place in an unstable world

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