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Fine for Ergas in case of explosion

Gas supplier pleads guilty to breach after SafeWork investigation

Elgas tanker

The shortcomings are detailed in Elgas’ comprehensive safety program after a 2015 explosion in New South Wales that seriously injured trucks, drivers and residents.

A liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) supplier was investigated by SafeWork NSW and found guilty in two NSW district courts. WHS method Crimes for putting workers and others at risk of death or serious injury.

Elgas uses bulk tanker trucks to distribute LPG and fill LPG cylinders and tanks stored on business and residential premises.

It contracted with Samuels Transport Service to provide truck drivers to drive Elgas tankers on an hourly basis.

Elgas was responsible for inspecting, servicing and repairing equipment mounted on the tanker, providing driver-guided and in-track training and evaluation of the tanker. This took about 3 weeks to complete.

The FWC presents rules here that support the redundancy of Thor’s petrol truck fleet.

The vehicle includes a low flow hose for the cylinder and a high flow hose for the tank, but the latter hose is not suitable for use in the former.

In December 2015, one of the truck drivers was filling a cylinder at Masswellbrook’s house next to a public school.

Due to mechanical problems with the low flow system, the driver used a high flow hose.

The driver said he knew the instructions before, but the manual pulling of the low flow hose was physically demanding and frustrating, “although the use of the high flow hose violates the offender’s written instructions. It was a way to get the job done. “

On the day of the incident, when a resident at home was talking to the driver, he noticed a gas leak.

The driver tried to solve a process not mentioned in the training material, such as “tension the check lock valve with a Stillson wrench”, but three emergency shutdown options instructed to use in an emergency. The situation where none of the was used.

The gas ignited, burning 50% of the driver’s body and then causing blood clots, making him unable to work in the future. Residents, on the other hand, burned up to 75% of their bodies and later became scarred.

The explosion also damaged the house, the public school next door, and destroyed ski boats and cars.

At the time of the case, the district court’s mind was that “criminals had a comprehensive health and safety program,” including more than 50 policies and procedures “related to the work of tanker drivers.”

However, Ergas pleaded guilty to the following shortcomings:

  • Relevant instructions to tanker drivers were scattered throughout many policy documents and procedures.
  • Compiling the SOP was reasonably feasible [standard operating procedure] Designated actions to be taken, including enforcement of exclusion zones, related risks, the consequences of those risks, and actions to be taken in an emergency.
  • Training tanker drivers in the SOP was reasonably feasible.
  • The offender was unable to confirm through the driver’s supervision that he was following the relevant instructions during the delivery of the LPG.

In addition, Elgas did not review the driver’s ability to perform after being evaluated as having the ability to operate the tanker.

“If you didn’t follow the procedures specified, you were very likely to be at risk,” added Judge Scotting.

“The potential consequences of risk were catastrophic, as criminals explain in their own documents.

“The steps we could take to minimize risk were to provide tanker drivers with proper training and supervision.”

Elgas was fined $ 525,000 after a discount on conviction and conviction.

District courts have heard that the company previously had solid safety records, cooperated with the investigation, and then upgraded its investment and procedures to further minimize future risks.

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Fine for Ergas in case of explosion Fine for Ergas in case of explosion

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