Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & Blade of Light

Playing the NES Classic that began the legacy of Fire Emblem, meeting the first localized Mars, and playing all 25 chapters of this classic NES tactical role-playing game, most beloved in 8-bit glory. We are looking for Fire Emblem characters, localized and released for the first time in North America for a limited time. From defending the Talis Kingdom chasing Mars on an epic journey to confronting the renowned Shadow Dragon, this crappy hero needs to be ready to take on any challenge. Fortunately, he has a group of talented companions: Tiki, Minerva, White Wing Sisters and more! From Talis refugees to Arcanea heroes, watch Mars’ humble beginnings! Classic gameplay with a modern touch … * Choose from over 50 playable characters and discover the strategic gameplay roots that define the Fire Emblem series. * Choose the right units and classes for your mission, approach characters on the battlefield to build relationships, and even add them to your army. * Would you like to make a mistake or lose your favorite unit? New features such as state saving and rewinding allow you to adjust your challenges to suit your playing style. Classic Characters Once you’ve found the right strategy for each chapter, choose from over 50 characters and over 20 classes. Here are just a few of the allies you meet and the enemies you face in the game. Mars Class: Main Weapon: Sword “Altea’s Brave Knight is Ready.” Kaeda Class: Pegasus Knight Weapon: Sword, Spear “Please help me stop this pointless battle. Your power. Lend me! “Garnev Class: Bishop Weapon: Tome, Stave” You shouldn’t cherish your life too much … I’ll show you the real horror of Imful, the darkest magic ! “Medeus Class: Manakete Weapon: Stone” “You will witness the true power of the Earth Dragon …” “Lena Class: Curated Weapon: Sword” Don’t be a coward! You stand up and follow your path Must choose. “Minerva-class: Wyvern Knight Weapon: Sword, Spear” Drua is responsible for the death of my father. I seek revenge for it. “Nabara Class: Mercenary Weapon: Sword I feel sick to kill you, but it was your mistake to come here. I’ll die now! “Daros Class: Pirate Weapon: Ax” I’m a naive man in the sea. I want to save the life of a sea dog. Hardin Class: Cavalier Weapon: Sword, Spear “Reclaim the castle with Artea!” Linde Class: Mage Weapon: Tomes “Prince Mars, let me fight on your side. My father entrusts me.” I have an aura tome … ”

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