First Class Trouble Brings Our Style Metagaming to PS Plus In November

First Class Trouble, the first “online social deduction game” available on your PC, is coming to PlayStation. It blends Among Us-style metagaming with customization options and a more realistic art style.

In each round of the game, you play as a resident or “personoid” and pretend to be a real human to weaken humans. Like “Among Us,” “Trouble in Terrorist Town,” and “Prop Hunt,” your goal is to make sure no one suspects something is wrong … or someone hiding in a clear view. Try to find.

Playing: First Class Trouble | PlayStation PlayStation 2021

All of the proven metagaming tasks that interfere with oxygen are on the First Class Trouble table, but there are far more options than the basic hats and colors of Among Us. Perhaps is it a viable strategy to ask the player the question that only robots will make a mistake? Unless you’re a robot trying to trick us …

First class trouble will occur on November 2nd on both PS4 and PS5. November is also a free PlayStation Plus game.

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