First details of FINAL FANTASY XVI surface

Since it was released a few months ago FINAL FANTASY XVI It was a mystery for franchise fans. Sure, the trailer had some clues for eagle-eye fans, but the name, location, and world left a lot in the debate.

Details were posted today in a new post on the PlayStation blog by Square Enix producer Naoki Yoshida.First, the settings FINAL FANTASY XVI It is located in the land of Valistair, “studded with huge mountains of glittering crystals called mother crystals.” Mother Crystal has blessed the territory with ether and has risen high over the territory for generations, and the blessing of Mother Crystal allows the territory to prosper.

Mother Crystal is part of many conflicts across the country, leading to the rise of countries such as the Grand Duchy of Rosalia, the Holy Roman Empire, the Kingdom of Warod, the Republic of Dalmekia, and the Kingdom of Iron. Culture and ideology. This has often led to various skirmishes leading to uneasy peace, but now with the advent of Bright, things are not going well.

To FINAL FANTASY XVI, The player takes on the role of Clive Rossfield, the eldest son of Grand Duke Rosalia. Clive is a shield and guardian of his brother Joshua, the ruler of Phoenix. As seen in the awakening trailer, Joshua gave his brother the blessing of Phoenix. This allows Clive to wield some of Akon’s flames.

Joshua Rosfield is a dominant, special being with the power of Akon and the ability to transform into a phoenix. Joshua is a gentle soul who wants to protect his people.

The third character is Jill Warwick, a childhood friend of the Rossfield brothers. Jill has moved from the Northern Territory, an ally of the Grand Duchy of Rosalia, and has served as a ward.

Akon is a summon to a familiar person Final Fantasy. In the game, they are described as “the most destructive and deadly creatures in Ballistair.”


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