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Hello everyone! It took less than two weeks for FIFA 21 to be released on PS5 on December 4, but we’ll give you some special details about the next level of EA Sports FIFA and an exclusive early look at our method. I think that I want to do it. It uses an incredibly new DualSense wireless controller.

Welcome to FIFA 21 on PS5.

Next level gameplay

One of the most exciting things we’ve experienced with you is the new PlayStation 5 DualSense wireless controller.

Whether you’re creating the final block to store a particular goal, or crushing the block from outside the box to outside the bar, the DualSense controller’s tactile feedback responds to what happens on the pitch. With more control over both the intensity and position of the tactile feedback, you’ll feel something like a powerful left foot shot with vibrations on the left side of the controller, or stronger feedback from a frontal tackle than you would with a player. I can. Compete for position in corners and free kicks.

You can also use the DualSense controller’s adaptive triggers to increase the resistance of the trigger as it drains stamina. This means you can feel the effects of player fatigue as your fitness declines throughout the game. It’s only available on PS5, and we’re happy to see the difference DualSense makes to FIFA 21 and immerse yourself in the intensity of the match in ways never before possible.

You can also use the PS5 player-specific activity card to jump to your favorite mode directly from the PlayStation home screen. Combined with the ultra-fast load times provided by the power of PS5, you can join the match faster than ever before. It takes less than 2 seconds to clock in from the pre-match menu to the kick-off match. Sorry, pre-match practice arena fans!

Next level visual

More power also means that the visual quality can be significantly improved to make the player and stadium look even better.

A new delayed lighting system called LiveLight Rendering creates an ultra-realistic football environment. Stunning reproductions of the world’s largest stadiums like Anfield and Parc des Princes feel more vibrant than ever.

LiveLight Rendering combines muscle flex and strand-based hair technology to take players to incredible levels of detail and unlock the most detailed recreational recreation of the world’s largest stars such as Kylian Mbappe and Trent Alexander Arnold. I will!

The new gameplay camera gives you a fresh perspective. Inspired by the look and feel of top-level football broadcasts, EA Sports GameCam makes a big difference to the game. Please try.

Next level atmosphere

We all miss being in the stadium watching our favorite teams and players, but we know the amazing scenes and sounds that home and away fans shape football.

FIFA 21 dials up the football spectacle on the biggest stages to reflect the incredible atmosphere the crowd offers.

First, PreMatch Live adds a range of new cinematics to make Matchday more immersive. You can see the fans streaming turn tiles and more. This will be the setting for the most authentic matchday experience we have ever offered.

Second, it now better reflects the UEFA Champions League winning goal, or the great scene of going with an equalizer that saves demotion. The new big goal moment means that you can see the absolute scene on the stand and pitch after an important goal.

Next level simulation

With FIFA 21 on PS5, you can also create the most natural movements and movements ever.

Responsive multi-touch animation takes player movements to the next level of realism, improves the visual quality and responsiveness of linked animations on the ball, and is more agile than ever with over 700 new animation combinations. Allows control of sex and ball.

Off-Ball Humanization allows players to behave even more realistically than previous EA Sports FIFA titles. Players show more human actions such as removing sweat from the face after running, screaming passes, and recovering. Their breath after sprinting to make them feel really alive on PS5 FIFA 21.

Dual entitlement

Finally, we’re excited to offer PlayStation dual entitlements with FIFA 21. This means you can upgrade your copy of FIFA 21 from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5 at any time from December 4th to the launch of FIFA 22 at no additional cost. It also carries on all the progress and content you’ve achieved with FIFA Ultimate Team and Volta Football, so you can build your dream team and continue to be the boss on the street when you move to PS5.

From the leap in visual quality to the ability to play faster and more matches, I’m very excited about FIFA 21 on the PS5. And did you enjoy just a few of the features that make every match day feel even more realistic?

When FIFA 21 goes on sale on PS5 on December 4, you can’t wait to feel the next level!

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FIFA 21 on PS5: First gameplay details

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