First gameplay trailer for dolmen revealed at gamescom 2021

Visit the sci-fi world of Revion Prime with two trailers instead of one released last week

Larkspur, CA (August 30, 2021) – During Gamescom, Prime Matter and Massive Work Studio unveiled two new stories and gameplay trailers. Dolmen, Revion Prime’s unique horror sci-fi planet-based third-person action RPG. Dolmen It will be released in 2022 on PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and PC.

Watch the trailer for the Dolmen gameplay story

Also, see Lobos Jr’s VOD for more gameplay details. Dolmen Playthroughs streamed during Gamescom:

About Dolmen:

Dolmen It takes place in the science fiction universe, which has been colonized by several star systems for humanity to adapt to conditions using space travel technology and genetic engineering. Although the Levion system is far from the galaxy’s main residential areas, it emits radiation different from other systems, attracting Zoan’s attention and suggesting the existence of other universes. Curiously, this system has only one planet named Revion Prime.

Prior to the discovery of the Revion system, there was no evidence that other dimensions existed. The scientific and military concerns behind this discovery could destabilize the existing political balance, but more than that, Revion Prime’s research reveals the existence of an alien species called Vahani. Did. Their interests are ambiguous, and it is not yet known if the creation of heterogeneous species may have had any effect on them. Players need to discover the secrets of Revion Prime and Dolmen Crystal.

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First Gameplay Trailer for Dolmen Revealed at gamescom 2021

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