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First student launches heavy vehicle driving skill set

The decisive need to find a new generation of truck drivers in Western Australia began this week with the state government’s $ 6.1 million heavy-duty vehicle driving skill set underway.

the first Announced in FebruaryThe 6-week pilot course aims to increase skilled workers through theoretical and practical trucking at a state-of-the-art driver risk management facility at Perth Airport.

With 12 students currently enrolled in the course, Central Regional TAFE is currently interested in future courses and plans to expand training to the Midwest, Goldfield and Great Southern regions within the next few months. Is in progress.

The Western Australian Government is promoting the training sector as a key driver behind the state’s COVID-19 recovery.

Central Regional TAFE has partnered with Driver Risk Management to offer free courses to qualified students. Practical driving instruction training, evaluation and licensing fees are $ 500 for concession students and $ 1,250 for non-concession students.

Developed in consultation with the transportation industry, Australia’s first heavy-duty vehicle driving skill set trains 500 new workers under a Heavy Rigid (HR) license and upgrades an additional 500 existing drivers from an HR license. By doing so to the Hebei Combination (HC) and / or Multi Combination (MC) licenses established to address driver shortages.

Upon successful completion, the participant will get a heavy rigid. You can apply for a forklift (LF) license on a heavy-duty combination; or multi-combination class vehicle.

The Western Roads Federation advises state governments on issues affecting the industry and has been instrumental in developing an extended skillset to address the unprecedented workforce demand of COVID-19.

At the peak of the trade association, the Western Roads Federation strives to guide and support students for employment and connect students with industry employers.

“The COVID-19 pandemic shows how important the freight industry and truck drivers are to our state and our economy,” said Transport Minister Rita Safioti.

“We have worked with the industry to create this program, providing truck drivers with the skills they need, while helping job seekers improve their employability,” she said in a statement.

“Western Roads Federation and Transport Workers’ Union have asked the Prime Minister, the Minister of Education and Training, and myself to create a training course specifically for truck drivers.

“We are very pleased to have a training program that provides what the industry needs.”

First student launches heavy vehicle driving skill set First student launches heavy vehicle driving skill set

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