Fish Keeper-Aquarium Tamagotchi Game

Hi guys,

If you like Planet Zoo or The Sims series, I have something you might like.

Fishkeepers can be called “aquarium sims” or “underwater Tamagotchis”. This title is a unique combination of full 3D economic strategy and aquarium simulator.

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In the game, you play the role of a lover who takes care of the aquarium. We buy our own aquariums and equipment, take care of the fish in real time and meet different needs depending on the species. As with any life simulator, we need to make sure that the fish we care for are fed, safe, healthy, and that they do not lack good companions. There are also more complex parameters to deal with: water pH, salt level, temperature, and tank contamination.

Future games will offer a full range of freshwater and seawater aquarium fish, shrimp, snails, plants and corals to fully recreate the ecosystem of an artificial reservoir. Each animal and plant species differs not only in appearance, but also in the condition of the aquarium (eating, space, reproductive peculiarities). As in real life, all living things interact in a particular way and affect the environment. The game contains recreated mechanics that naturally occur in nature among different types of creatures. The player’s job is to maintain the natural balance in the tank, promote the development of the ecosystem and prevent environmental disasters.

By caring for fish and other animals, we achieve a gradual development of the biological system. Organisms grow and reproduce and go through stages of life, from eggs to fry to fully developed adults. Eventually, you can start selling fish to free up space in the aquarium and at the same time raise money for further development. The rarest and most beautiful specimens can be sold at auction for maximum profit.

By cruising in a specially designed bathyscaphe, you can admire the aquarium we created. This can be called a water drone. You can customize the bathyscaphe by changing the appearance, color, battery capacity, speed of the bathyscaphe, replacing parts and adding modules. The device can also be used to perform tasks such as film recording, photography, and aquarium cleaning to maintain the functionality of the biosystem.

Main features of the game:

  • Combination of economic strategy and simulator: Meet fish needs and observe fish life in real time while ensuring good breeding results.
  • A wide variety of freshwater, marine, coral, shrimp, snails, and other aquatic species are available.
  • Customize the aquarium’s equipment, shape, size, and tank look.
  • Buy a variety of flora and fauna species, sell breeding fish in stores, and exceptionally sell fine and rare specimens at auctions.
  • See the view from the Bathyscaphe cabin while operating the Bathyscaphe cabin inside the aquarium. It can also be used to clean the tank from the inside.
  • Decorate your aquarium with lots of decorations, corals, posters and more.

Fishkeeper’s PC premiere is planned for the last quarter of 2021. Subsequent console ports are also planned. In the meantime, you can add your game to your Steam Wishlist.

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