Fishing for free at Lake Nelson in Fishing Sim World

It’s been a busy few years for Dovetail Games, Fishing Sim World And their Train sim world simulation. Now they’re returning something to gamers, but there’s new free content that anglers are preparing to throw into the open sea for free.

Lake Nelson is the focus of this content, and until mid-March 2021, console and PC fishing enthusiasts will be able to download this picturesque fishing lake for free to catch a wide variety of fish. I will.

Lake Nelson was found in a slap van in the middle of Texas and provides access to over 10 acres of fishing water. And there are 15 kinds of fish in the water, and longnose gars, crappies, bluegills, etc. can all be dragged to the shore.

Throw 3 new tournaments, just a few of the new career events, and 25 boss fish to hunt to prove your skills. That way, you’ll get almost everything you can hope for from a new fishing opportunity. If you have a copy of the Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour base game for free until March and are crazy about kickbacks on the coastline, it’s easy to take this download home with you.

Just stop by Get Free Lake Nelson DLC on Xbox Store Fishing Sim World: Take a Pro Tour on Xbox One now. You need to find content that is also available in other formats.

Description of DLC:

Lake Nelson is a picturesque fishing venue located in the heart of Texas, and the size of the venue is unique relative to the size of the fish you can catch. In fact, it’s about 10 acres wide, you don’t have to use a boat and fishing is only done from the coastline. You can catch 15 kinds of fish at Lake Nelson. Some of them are rare in Texas and are all sample size. Expect to find a monster bass weighing 15 pounds and a longnose gar over 47 pounds! Seeds such as crappie, bluegill and walleye are also found, with carps up to 25 pounds. This also offers great sports. You can hunt and catch in 3 tournaments fishing on Lake Nelson, 3 new career events, and 25 new boss fish. Play for free for 3 months and offer ends on March 15, 2021

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Fish for free at Lake Nelson in Fishing Sim World

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